Sunday, December 2, 2007

too lazy to think of a title

How about a bulleted list today?
  • I am having another boy. We know exactly what his name is but we're keeping it a secret. There has to be some element of surprise. He is big (meauring six days ahead and his little thighs are already chunky), very active (I can already feel him kicking from the outside), and he has Brian's nose. I figure that since Brandon has my nose but yet looks exactly like every picture I've ever seen of Brian as a toddler, maybe this one will actually look like me? Maybe?
  • I have spent the last five Christmas seasons searching for twinkle lights - the kind that randomly dim in and out. I have a very clear vision of what I want my Christmas tree to look like but I've never quite achieved it: multicolored globe lights of varying sizes, and white twinkle lights. Last year I found the lights I wanted on the Ace Hardware website, so I went to every single Ace Hardware on the island (okay, I admit it, except for the one way up in Haleiwa) and they all only had rope lights - and a pretty dismal selection of rope lights, at that. Eventually at the end of the season I finally found twinkle lights...somewhere, I can't remember where, probably Long's...on clearance, and I bought four sets. I was so super excited - I was finally going to have the tree of my dreams this year. We took them out of the box today and...they have a white cord. D'oh! Back to the drawing board. I was so upset that I immediately went out to Walmart. At 4pm on a Saturday afternoon. On December 1st. I must be a masochist. At least Brandon fell asleep in the car and slept through the whole trip - yay for the elusive two-year-old nap. Anyway, they had twinkle lights...with a green cord...and multicolor bulbs. Arrrrrrrggghh!!! I will go to one or two more stores tomorrow but if I don't find any, I'll have to order off of the internet and wait until next year to use them (because we are putting the ornaments up tomorrow and it will be too late to put up more lights). Rats.
  • I went to Burger King again on Thursday. We got home from music class at lunchtime. I was planning on heating up some leftovers in the microwave. The power was out. Usually we are warned in advance about power outages - they are building new housing units on the next block so the power is out often. So since the power was out, I couldn't use the microwave or the stove (since it is electric), so I put Brandon back in the car to go get something to eat. I wasn't particularly in the mood for any kind of fast food, but I knew that he would like some chicken nuggets and french fries, so Burger King it was.

    I decided to get the new spicy chicken sandwich one extra spicy chicken sandwich. I forgot to order them without mayo, that was my bad. I asked for a toddler toy with the Happy Meal, and they gave me the regular Spongebob toy with "not for children under 3" written on the packaging clear as day. Whatever, they only have 4 different toddler toys and we have at least one of each already anyway. By the time we got near home, Brandon was almost asleep (with a chicken nugget in his hand), so I decided to drive an extra little loop or two around the neighborhood until he fell asleep. I was starving, though, so I started eating french fries.

    Brandon's child-sized bag of fries was easier to find in the bag so I ate them (fully intending, of course, to give him half of my fries once he woke up at home). After I finished his fries, I searched through the bag to find my fries and - lo and behold - they were not there. I checked the receipt. Yup, there it was, "Med. Fries". I had paid for them. I looked at the two tiny spicy chicken sandwiches, listened to my stomach growl, and knew that there was no way those two sandwiches would ever be enough. I decided to go back.

    Now when I first went through the drive through, it was noon, which means that I waited in line for at least 10 minutes. It was now 12:30 and I knew that I would have to wait again, but I didn't even care. It was the principle of the thing. I was starving and I paid for fries, and dammit, I was going to get my fries!! I imagined all kinds of ways that they could give me a hard time and rehearsed my responses to all of them. "No, I cannot come inside, I have a baby asleep in the backseat and I am NOT going to wake him up and make him miss his nap because you can't do your job."

    I drove back to the base, waited at the gate again, showed my ID, drove to BK, waited in line for another 10 minutes, and finally got back to the speaker thing. It just so happened that the manager was out there at that very moment, fixing something. "I was here a little while ago," I said, "and I ordered a medium fry that you didn't give me." "We'll take care of that for you, ma'am," the manager said. He leaned into the speaker. "Make it a large." Not bad. But they still suck.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Growing up my mom had these lights on the tree that played music and along with 12 other settings, you could also make the lights go with the music. She only has the two strands for the tree and every year for like the last ten years she has tried to find more, but she can't. I'm pretty sure they discontinued them. Of course now that I have my own tree, I too look for these lights every year. I wish there was a place where you could design your own. The tree you want sounds beautiful. Maybe you could paint the white cords for next year?

Every time our Taco Bell messes up, they give us free cinnamon twists and if we already had them, they give us a couple of free tacos. Almost worth the mess up.

Kerry said...

I had those lights when I was a kid! Not for the tree, I bought them (or made my mom buy them for me) for my room. They broke after the first year.

Kerry said...

Oh and Taco Bell messed up my order for dinner last night, too! (Maybe we've been eating too much fast food this week.) But Brian didn't check the bags before I drove away and I didn't have it in me to go back, since we were already home and sitting at the table before I realized it. They gave me chalupas instead of gorditas...again.

I often end up with cheesy fiesta potatoes when I order a caramel apple empanada...because, you know, they're so similar.

Mother Hoodwink said...

Somehow my mom has kept those lights going for all these years. I don't know how many bulbs she has replaced on them. Her white light set for the front porch broke a couple of years ago. She took it pretty hard.

Ugh, that's the worst. When you expect your yummy dessert and you get something not dessert like at all. We have a system. Josh will stall the drive thru person while I quickly check the bags for everything. Including sauces. I can't eat chicken nuggets with anything other than honey or chicken tenders with anything other than honey mustard. I'm picky like that.