Wednesday, December 12, 2007

while hallucinations of talking shovels danced in their heads

I have watched a LOT of Blue's Clues over the past couple of months. At first I was convinced that Steve was high as a kite and hallucinating - talking soap? A talking mailbox? A talking clock? ...I don't think I have to go on to list all of the characters. I don't know what Joe's deal is, but Steve was definitely high.

Then I added this DVD back into the rotation. (We bought it last year but Brandon wasn't really into Blues Clues at the time.) At first, the episode "Blue's First Holiday" seems pretty cool - everyone watches home movies made by Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper back in the day (when Steve was a little kid and Joe was a baby), that show how they all met Blue and how the game of Blue's Clues came about.

Then you realize that poor 7-year-old Steve is taking care of his baby brother all by himself and receiving "holiday" presents by mail. No wonder he talks to his side table drawer. You probably would too, if you'd had a childhood like that.

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Mother Hoodwink said...

I need to see this.

I've been watching out for the Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper have a baby episode, but it still hasn't come on. I thought they aired these in order since we'll get a bunch of Joe episodes then a bunch of Steve episodes. The one where they announce that they are having a baby came on about a month ago, but still nothing. Oh well.