Thursday, January 10, 2008

ahdah waaaaaaaay!!!

Brandon falls asleep for his naps in the car. It is the only way he can fall asleep and he knows it. When he gets tired, he puts his shoes on, goes to the front door and says, "Car? Car?" I literally drive in a circle for 20-30 minutes every day purely to get him to fall asleep. I must take the same route or he wakes up and looks out the window curiously - or if he's really tired, he'll scream, "Ahdah way! Ahdah waaaaaay!!!" ("other way") when I turn left instead of right, or whatever.

Yesterday the gas gauge in the Mazda got lower than it ever has since I've owned it - less than 1/4 tank. So I filled it up and spent FORTY DOLLARS. For those of you who've been driving SUV's all along, I'm sure you're like, "so what?" - but the last three cars I have driven were a Chevy Cavalier, a Toyota Corolla, and a Ford Focus. Spending thirty dollars on gas is a big deal for me - forty is unheard of. I almost fainted.

No more car naps (unless we're on the way home from somewhere anyway). Time to bust out the stroller again, I guess.


Mother Hoodwink said...

At least the weather is nice year round so the stroller thing could work.

Yeah, we always have something to say when we fill up. It takes anywhere from 30-35 to fill up our 12 gallon tank. Thank goodness for good gas mileage. We always laugh at the fools who were at the pump before us and see that they spent $70. Who knows if that even filled them up all the way.

Kerry said...

Yes, another thing to add to the list of reasons why Hawaii is a good place to have a baby - along with "no bundling up for cold weather" and "no daylight savings to mess up their schedules".