Friday, January 18, 2008

I always have something to complain about, don't I?

Things that won't ship to me because they are classified as "grocery items":
This is stupid. I can kind of understand not wanting to ship food items to Hawaii, but it's not like diapers are going to go bad during that extra day in transit. Plenty of Amazon's affiliate vendors will ship these same items to Hawaii, but Amazon has the bulk pricing and the free super-saver shipping. And, um, hello, I have purchased some of these exact same items, from Amazon, in the past. But now they've been recategorized as "groceries" (they used to be "health and personal care" - which they are) so they won't ship to Hawaii anymore. WTF???? Are you kidding me?

Way to lose yourself some business, Amazon. It's quite likely that I would have bought every single item on this list at least once, and many of them I would have bought on a regular basis. Do the math to see how much you just lost in sales to me alone. We're talking a couple hundred dollars, not even counting the repeat purchases. Bravo!


Sunshine said...

That sucks balls.

Because, yeah, in my book that stuff isn't "groceries" either.

Mother Hoodwink said...

That's so stupid. I think if a company is based out of the US, then they should ship to ALL of the US. I have family that live in a remote part of Alaska and for them to get anything cool, they have to travel five hours to Anchorage (Which doesn't have all that much stuff.) since nothing will ship to them. So dumb.