Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I nominate myself for the Worst Mother of the Year

Last week, my two-year-old (who has a vocabulary of, oh, about 25-30 words) fell off of a chair and said, "Oh, shih!"


Mother Hoodwink said...

No sorry, that title goes to me. I have him repeat bad words all day because it's funny. I tell him to say fridge in which he will pronounce "bitch." Fork is "fuck" and of course I routinely ask him if he wants some Poppycock. "Ahhh Cock!"

Oh an he likes to walk around the house saying, "Daaaaamn" because that's Josh's bad word of choice.

Kerry said...

Hm, well, I think we might have to take a tie on this one because mine actually used the word in the proper context. I'm really hoping it was a coincidence and he was trying to say something else.