Saturday, January 26, 2002

and a bert balloon

Okay, random story. Back in my senior year of high school (a whole FOUR years ago, God I feel so old), I actually spent a lot of time hanging out with people. It had never happened before, and it has not happened since. Anyway, there were four of us who were always hanging out, me, two other girls, and a guy...actually, it was more like the three of them, and then I'd be there when they needed somebody to drive. (Actually, I'd known one of the girls since we were, like, 11, and we'd done shows together...we still go to school together, and she's one of my bridesmaids now. ANYWAY.) We all went to this performing arts high school together. It wasn't exactly like the "Fame" school; you go to this school for half a day, and then you go to your "home" school for the other half. (The three of them all went to the same home school.)

So one day, we get a call from the parents of this guy who also went to this school. They were throwing a surprise birthday party for him, and we were the only people from the performing arts school who he ever talked about. (Well, probably not me...I wasn't as outgoing...or the others in our little group.) SO ANYWAY, we were all invited to this party, because we were "such good friends" with this guy.

We all found this incredibly hilarious.

But we went to the party, bearing the most random gifts you could ever imagine (including a ballerina poster and a balloon of Bert from Sesame Street), and OH LORD did he look uncomfortable when we showed up. And from then on, we all laughed about how we were "best friends".

He really was a nice guy, though.

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