Saturday, February 9, 2008

gee, thanks, kid

Things that Brandon calls "Mah-ee":

1. Mommy.

2. The Sprite (Spring personified) from "The Firebird" in Fantasia 2000. This one doesn't bother me.

3. Cookie Monster. In particular, there is a picture of Cookie Monster in one of his books where Cookie is cross-eyed and wearing pajamas. And to Brandon, apparently, that is Mommy. Greeeeeeat.


Dianne said...

I had to comment on the cookie monster LOL

My son (now 34) used to call all his creepy stuffed animals - which he loved and which I still have - Mommy.

Of course my brothers teased me terribly about it but my son loved them and loved me and it was all good.

Your blog is lovely.

Kerry said...

Thank you!!

Mother Hoodwink said...

But Cookie Monster has cookies. Brandon I'm sure likes cookies so he's associating yummy food with you. See, it's a compliment on your cooking

Mother Hoodwink said...

PS Cute tummy!