Sunday, February 3, 2008

time for everyone's favorite game, "find the smell"!!

There is a mystery smell in my fridge. It has been getting worse and worse for the past several days, and I cannot figure out where it is coming from. I cleaned out the fridge, and I cleaned out the freezer too, just to be safe. I threw out a lot of things that looked really questionable, but none of it smelled bad. There is no "mystery goo" at the bottom of any of the bins, nor underneath them. There is literally nothing in there that could be causing the stench. And yet the smell continues to intensify.
I think my refrigerator is haunted.


Mother Hoodwink said...

I hate when that happens. Could it be the garbage disposal?

Kerry said...

It's definitely in the fridge because just when the smell has dissipated, you open the fridge and get smacked with it again.
Usually the mystery smell turns out to be a potato rotting on the top shelf of the pantry, but nope. Not this time. It's definitely something behind the refrigerator door.