Friday, February 15, 2008

weep for me; I am feeling sorry for myself and you should too

So it seems that I have posterior pelvic pain. It is excruciating and it gets worse every day. Apparently, I am supposed to avoid climbing stairs, heavy lifting (try telling that to my 2-year-old) and running or excessive walking (which is my main form of exercise). Fan-freaking-tastic. I'm also supposed to sit up straight on the birth ball rather than reclining. So I have been. And you know what? I feel worse. Especially when I get up. I have a chiropractor appointment for a week from next Monday; that was the earliest I could get. I may completely lose it before then. And by "it", I mean both my sanity and my ability to walk upright.


Sunshine said...

It's official....I do feel sorry for yoU!

Dianne said...

Oh No!

I'm so sorry you feel so bad. I tore my pelvic brim muscle and I can't even try to describe how uncomfortable that was.

I'm sending you gentle hugs.

Kerry said...

Thanks, ladies! My belly support belt was in the wash yesterday so I was feeling particularly bummed about the pain. It's slightly better today. Slightly.

Dianne said...

kerry - I want to make you feel better but don't want to make you laugh w/out warning you first - gotta watch those muscles!

But - I haven't been pregnant in 34 years and I could use a belly support belt! Your belly will go away - a lovely person will appear and the belt will be put away.

I am destined to carry these doughnuts arounds into eternity!!

Be strong kerry - it will all be so much better very soon ;)