Friday, February 22, 2008

what can I say...I suck at birthdays

Two good friends of mine had baby girls the day before yesterday. You'd think that since they were born on the same day, it will be super easy for me to remember their birthday(s). But I am so bad about remembering birthdays, that I am certain I will not. Last year I sent my brother-in-law's birthday present 3 months late...and his birthday is the same day as mine.


Helen said...

Don't feel bad Kerry. As you probably know, I am not too good at that either. Only I don't forget; I just get lazy and procrastinate. Like with Christmas. How hard is it to click a few buttons on the computer. Sorry!

Dianne said...

My niece has become accustomed to me sending her birthday cards weeks early or weeks late. I never get it right, some odd mental block.

And I adore her!

I have a little calendar of special days but then I forget to look.

Kerry said...

Helen - At least the gift you ended up sending for Christmas was completely awesome. You have no idea how hard I was craving those fruit gems.

Dianne - It's totally a mental block. I know the birthday, and I know what day it is today (usually) but somehow my brain doesn't make the connection that a birthday is coming up.

Mother Hoodwink said...

Don't feel bad. I totally forgot my own birthday this year until three days before when I got a present in the mail from my dad. I was totally confused as to why he was sending me a gift until I saw the card.

Kerry said...

Tara, I think I might have done the same thing this year, but I was in such a fog of morning sickness and sinus infection that the entire month of September is completely gone from my memory banks.