Wednesday, March 19, 2008

...although I did gain a bit too much weight this month...

I had a good midwife appointment today.

Baby boy is still LOT (Left Occiput Transverse - head down, back to my left, facing my right side). I can never tell if he's LOP (Left Occiput Posterior - his back to my back, but slightly off to the left - which would be bad) or LOT (which is pretty good) but apparently he's still LOT - exactly where he was four weeks ago at my last appointment...and four weeks before that as well. So I'm thinking that's probably where he's going to stay. Which is a good thing. (Except for the internal bruising I'm sure I must have where his knee keeps on poking out.)

Even though I am only 35 weeks, I asked to be checked for dilation, purely out of curiosity. I've been feeling like stuff has been going on and I was right. Cervix is still posterior, but softening, thinning and at 1cm. This made me very happy, because with Brandon I got sent home from the hospital at 1cm after about 12 hours of labor. So it feels good to know that I'm not starting at zero like I obviously did last time. It also feels good to know that I'm not crazy and I am, in fact, in tune with my body and what it's doing.

Then I pulled out my Birth Preferences (what Hypno-mamas call our "Birth Plans" - because let's face it, you can't exactly plan a birthing) to go over it and before I even got started, the midwife rattled off a list of all of the things they typically do and don't do - she could very well have been reading my Birth Preferences to me. She literally said everything I was going to say (except for the things relating to the hypnosis), right down to the midwife team's policy of doing intermittent listening as opposed to intermittent monitoring - they listen to the baby's heartbeat every once in a while rather than hooking you up to a contraction monitor. (I was almost afraid to ask about that one because I was SURE they'd say no.) And they don't cut the cord until it stops pulsing - I don't mean that they're open to doing it that way if you ask; that's just how they do it. (Are we sure this is a hospital???)

I asked about sterile water injections for back pain and she said that she used to do them at her old hospital but she doesn't think they do them here. However, she also said there's no reason why they shouldn't do them and she will look into it and talk to anesthesiology about it. Suh-weet. So not only is it possible that I'll have this option open to me should I have back labor again, but I may have just paved the way for other women to have that option, who may not have known to even ask about it. That makes me feel good. It's always nice to be able to do a little bit of activism in a non-preachy way. :D

The only thing that was a bit of a bummer was when she told me that they would, in fact, make me get out of the tub if things went faster than I was expecting and all of a sudden the baby was crowning (wink wink; accidentally-on-purpose is the only way to have a water birth at my hospital). The reasoning for this is fairly sound, though - the tubs are designed for laboring, not for birthing, and it's difficult for the midwives to have enough access in case something should go wrong. Disappointing, but acceptable.

Overall, a very good appointment. And they even took me back early, rather than the usual making me sit in the waiting room for 20 minutes past my appointment time. I literally didn't even get to knit a single stitch.


Dianne said...

That all sounds so good and calm and serene. You sound good and calm and serene :)

I'm getting excited for you.

Mother Hoodwink said...

Awesome! I'm so happy that you're most likely going to get the labor and birth you want. It has to be a big relief.

I have never heard of a sterile water injection. Very interesting.

Kerry said...

It would seem that nobody at the hospital had heard of it either, two years ago when I was begging for something - anything - to take away the back pain. I guess that's the nice thing about military hospitals - wait two years and there'll be a bunch of new people on staff. There are four new midwives and things definitely seem to have gotten even better than they were.

I do feel pretty calm and serene, most of the time...until I think about actually being a mother of two. Then I get nervous and have to stop thinking about it.