Tuesday, March 11, 2008

discontinued, out of stock, under recall

So far we have made three major purchases for this baby. None of them have been easy.

First was the new carseat. Brandon wasn't particularly fond of his Combi baby bucket so I wanted to get a Graco this time around. I knew which one I wanted to get: it was a good price ($89), it wasn't ugly (actually it looked quite nice), and they had it at Sears (available exclusively at Sears, as a matter of fact) - so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping on it. I stopped by a Sears in January to show it to Brian and...lo and behold, they didn't have it. It was under recall.

Now I remember this recall. It was in November. It had to do with the foam in the seat pad disintegrating after washing it and posing a choking hazard. They still weren't back on store shelves two months later? I contacted Graco and they told me they'd be available in 4-6 weeks. They were right; about five weeks later I went to Sears and they had it...for $109. The recall made the price jump up $20. (And yes, it's $10 more in the store than it is on the website.) Great. So now it's no longer possible to get a non-ugly Snugride for under $100 (at least not in Hawaii)...but whatever. Close enough. I bought it.

Next up was the dresser. When we had Brandon we bought a dresser at an unfinished furniture store, which doubles as a changing table. (It's a bit of a pain to sand and lacquer it yourself but the quality you get for the price is really WAY better than anything you could get ready-made.) We wanted to get another one exactly like it for baby #2, so we went to the same store on Saturday.

It's been discontinued. $#^&*@&#^$

We ended up getting the chest from the same collection. The whole collection has been discontinued, but while the dresser is completely sold out and unavailable, apparently there are still some lingerie chests available. (Just don't tell my boys that the piece of furniture in their room is technically called a lingerie chest.) It is due to come in on April 12. Which is one week before my due date. This thing is probably not going to be sanded and lacquered until Christmas. But that's okay. As long as we got one before they go away completely, I don't care. I picked out this furniture for the long-term, and let's face it, baby clothes rarely make it out of the laundry basket anyway.

So after we left our deposit on the chest yesterday, we decided that we might as well go buy the stroller, too. There are two different strollers I want: a sit 'n stand, and a double. The double I am planning on getting in a few months (until then we will go for our long neighborhood walks with Brandon in the single stroller and Baby in the Ergo), but the sit n' stand we'll need right away, so we can snap the carseat into it, and Brandon will have someplace on the back to either stand or sit when we need to keep him in check.

Way back in the very beginning of the pregnancy, I had gone to USA Baby to buy a new Britax carseat for Brandon (since I had crashed my car and the one we had needed to be replaced). While I was there I test-drove the Joovy Ultralight and absolutely fell in love with it. I remember it being around $230-240. I eventually put it on my Amazon baby registry; I seem to remember it being available for $225 with free super saver shipping - but I planned on getting it at USA Baby.

So anyway on Sunday we drove down to USA Baby, and I didn't see it on display, so I asked. Guess what? Out of stock. In all colors, at both locations. And it won't be back in stock for about THREE MONTHS. Jeezum! So I checked Amazon. All of a sudden, it's no longer available from Amazon with super saver shipping, but it is still available from affiliate vendors...green is $270 plus shipping and orange (which is the one we were going to get) was FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Are you freaking kidding me?

After a couple of hours of poking around on the internet, I found that it's out of stock EVERYWHERE. Really, everywhere. Except for the places that would charge $100 to ship it to Hawaii. (For the record, I don't think that one place is charging $500 because they're the only ones who have it...I think they're the only ones who have any left because who in their right mind would pay $500 for a stroller with a list price of $300? This same vendor charges $75 for a $30 Eddie Bauer step stool, and $30 for a single Cars figurine.)

Well anyway, I printed out a list of all Joovy vendors in Hawaii and called them all one by one. (Yes, I, with the phobia of making phone calls, called a whole list of stores.) All of them said the same thing: "Yes, we carry it, no it's not in stock. We expect it in in a week or two. It's $279." Except for Baby Emporium, the little place in an industrial neighborhood downtown with practically nonexistent parking. They had it in stock. In all four colors. For $269. It's not $225 but it's close enough. Much better than $500...plus shipping.

So we went downtown, parked across the street (luckily I had 30 cents change in my diaper bag, so I was able to get 24 minutes at the parking meter), Brandon tried out the stroller, and when given the choice between green and orange, he picked orange. (Which I knew he would.)

So now I have the carseat and the stroller (for only $70 more than I thought I was going to be spending altogether!) and the chest is on order. I'm just hoping that the other things I need aren't out of stock, discontinued, or under recall. Because I would freakin' lose my mind. One of each is more than enough for me.

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