Saturday, March 22, 2008

it must be nesting

The first thing I had to deal with today when I woke up was a diaper disaster. And when I say disaster, I really mean disaster: a blowout the likes of which I haven't seen since the days of breastmilk poop. Something about starting off my day by changing sheets and doing laundry put me in "getting stuff done around the house" mode. I didn't get everything done that I intended to, but I did get a LOT more done today than I do on an average day...especially lately.

(When I was pregnant with Brandon, around this time [36 weeks] I had exactly ONE day of really hardcore nesting. We had just moved in to this house about 3 months before so there wasn't all THAT much to do, but I woke up one day and decided to scrub the floors and the tub...and then I was done. I was just too tired to do ANYTHING else for the rest of the pregnancy [except cook Thanksgiving dinner, of course]. I really hope that I still have this burst of energy [well, not really energy so much as motivation] for a few more days, because I have a LOT left to do. A lot.)

Today, I:
  • did the dishes
  • did some laundry
  • made two batches of laundry soap (2 grated bars of Ivory soap, 1 cup of borax and 1 cup of washing soda)
  • folded new baby clothes (I don't have anywhere to put them away, though, since the new dresser is on order)
  • folded a bunch of other stuff, packing some of it in my hospital bag along the way
  • washed two carseat covers (the one for Brandon's Marathon - it was really dirty - and the one for the baby's new Snugride) and hung them outside to dry
  • put the extra cover on the Marathon and reinstalled it in the car - on the "big boy side of the car" (behind the driver's seat)
  • found the universal carseat attachment bar for our single stroller
  • read books, played with blocks and puzzles and trains, and played catch
  • straightened up Brandon's coloring books about 12 times
  • (I was going to vacuum the car and bake a batch of brownies, but Brian came home early and wanted to go to the store)
  • went to the store, bought some Easter candy and chocolate soymilk
  • realized that I now officially drink more milk than Brandon does
  • cooked dinner
  • finished knitting a hat for the baby's coming home outfit
  • re-blocked the union suit I knitted for the baby's coming home outfit - it came out too short and wide but I was able to fix it through the magic process of spraying it with water and stretching it out.
  • emptied, rinsed and peeled the label off of a travel-sized bottle of Vick's Early Defense foaming hand sanitizer (I literally bought it purely because I needed a travel-sized foamer bottle - the Vick's bottle works MUCH better than the off-brand one I bought first); peeled the label off of an empty bottle of Oyin Black Soap & Honey Gentle Cleansing Foam, cut the Oyin label in half and stuck it on the Vick's bottle. Now all I need is my new bottle of face wash from Oyin and I can fill the little bottle and my toiletry kit will be all ready for my hospital bag. Hopefully it gets here in time.
  • finally put away my empty suitcase from our trip to Waikiki in December
  • cut elastic for, folded, pinned and sewed the leg gussets for 2 dozen Tiny Poo Pockets diapers. That's 48 zig-zag seams through 48 4.25" pieces of elastic folded inside of 48 little crescent shaped pieces of fleece.
  • got hit in the chin by the tip of a sewing machine needle as it broke off
  • got almost all the way through The Fellowship of the Ring - it was on in the background as I sewed. I have been trying to watch The Lord of the Rings since my birthday in September...of 2006.
And now it is after 11 and I am going to bed.

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Mother Hoodwink said...

Wow, you had a crazy busy day!