Friday, April 18, 2008

according to Brandon, lava is "hah"!

While I continue to work on my birth story (and I promise that I am working on it), I figured I should keep on posting about other things, too, when I get the chance.

Brandon has been talking a lot more lately. I mean, he's always been very vocal, but not very verbal. He finally seems to be at the stage where he says at least one new thing every day. Today is "boo-bah" for football (we think). Two of the things he's started saying this week are "cool!" and "heck yeah!" I wish I was kidding.

Also, and I have to mention this because it's blowing my mind, we are going to the Big Island for three nights in July and the total cost for flight, accommodations, and rental car is less than $850. Seriously, who gets a Hawaiian vacation for $850? Of course, it helps when you can take a commuter flight and stay at a military camp. ;) A cabin right inside the Volcano National Park! How cool is that? I'm psyched.

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Dianne said...

that is way cool!

my son used to say "Okey dokey" to everything. then he went through a phase of calling everything 'super duper'

You sound calm and happy and that makes me happy.

hugs to both little guys