Wednesday, April 9, 2008

random happy stuff

A couple of weeks ago I got a Williams Sonoma catalog in the mail. I don't know how I got on the mailing list, but I can tell you that I enjoyed flipping through it immensely. I decided, after viewing the demonstration video on their website, that I wanted the Bialetti Mukka Glass Cappuccino Maker. So since I live in Hawaii I checked out how much the shipping would be and it was ridiculous. I found the aluminum version on Amazon and added it to my wishlist, even though I really want the glass one (which is exclusive to Williams Sonoma), because it is just so freaking cool to watch the milk froth up like that. (Watch the video, seriously, it's awesome.) Also, I can't help but wonder, if you can't see the espresso bubble up and the milk frothing, how do you know when it's finished?

Well anyway, it just occurred to me literally out of nowhere that I had never checked to see if there is an actual Williams Sonoma store in Hawaii. I doubted it, but figured it couldn't hurt to check.

There is. It's at the mall I was at two days ago. Score!

I don't exactly have an extra $100 laying around right now, but if at some point in the future I do have an extra $100, I will be able to get the cappuccino maker I want without paying $30 in shipping. ROOOOOOCK!

In other random happy news (I guess it's more cute than specifically happy), even though Brandon knows how to say "cheese", he has been asking for cheese lately by going to the fridge and saying "mouse". I'm not really sure how he managed to make the mouse/cheese association, but I thought it was pretty cute.

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Dianne said...

cheese=mouse is adorable

I'm thrilled that you found a Williams Sonoma at your mall. Hope you get your pretty glass capu maker real soon.