Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I thought toddlers aren't supposed to understand pronouns

Brandon doesn't really call too many people by their names. He knows what their names are, but he doesn't say them. The people who he calls by name are:
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Dee (short for JD - he can't make a J sound so he just skips it...usually he calls the baby "Baby")
  • Pop
  • I've heard him call Mikey "Gickey" a few times
  • Gickeyouse (Mickey Mouse. He added the "ouse" to the end when he started calling Mikey "Gickey", I guess to differentiate between the two. I don't know why he doesn't say this one right, he can definitely say an M sound and he even says "mouse")
  • Elmo (actually, all Sesame Street muppets are "eh-mos")
  • Sally (from Cars)
  • Coco (a friend from music class who we haven't seen in a while - he actually called her by her name before he ever said "Mommy")
He doesn't even say his own name. He answers to it, of course, but he doesn't say it. For the past few days, when you ask him what his name is, he'll sometimes say "Boppy". This is an interesting new development, because up until this point, the conversation would go something like this:

"What's your name?"
"Your name is Brandon. Can you say Brandon?"
"See, look at the blocks. Tell me what letter this is."
"Bee. Ah. Ay. Eh. Dee. OH!!!! Eh."

Every time we have this conversation, I think of the episode of Friends where Phoebe is trying to teach Joey how to speak French. I don't get as frustrated as Phoebe does, of course, but I just can't help but laugh.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Ha, that's one of my all time favorite Friend's scenes! "That's not QUITE what I'm saying."

Kosher Tofu said...

Yeah, it took Gavin a bit to say his name, too. Who knows if its normal, but I'm sure they all get it by the time they go to college. He still calls himself "Gah-yin"

Oh, and does Brandon watch Mickey Mouse Club House? Gavin watches it with me some / lots of mornings and he has come to call Mickey "Mickey House" ... maybe brandon is attempting to put a house in there instead of mouse. Show was stupid for that and should have called it Mickey Mouse Shack or something.

Tell Brandon that I said Hi :o/

Kerry said...

Yeah, and um, Gavin is several months younger than Brandon. He's WAY ahead. Or Brandon is behind. Or both.

Do we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...RELIGIOUSLY!! Actually that's another one of the funny things Brandon says...instead of "Oh Tootles!" he says "Oh Yooooooooos!" I think he could say it right at this point, but he just doesn't want to.

Kerry said...

Oh, and it's totally not surprising that Gavin doesn't say the "v" sound right. It's a tough sound to figure out...Brandon makes a "w" sound instead. Like he has some kind of crazy foreign accent or something.

Dianne said...

All of this brings back such sweet memories from when my son was a baby.

His name is Jeffrey but he always called himself Jesse. We assumed it was the f/s sound confusion but one day he said Jeffrey and we all applauded and he could not understand what the big deal was.

I tried explaining it and he shook his head and said "I me Jeffrey yes and I me Jesse too"

Years later he told me he had always wanted to be named Jesse.

Kosher Tofu said...

behind? Brandon Sings!! and WAILS on the guitar. I could barely get Gavin to hold my guitar hero controller :D

I don't know why, but I find myself watching clubhouse, look around and find out that Gavin isn't even in the room. Mickey really gets me.