Friday, May 23, 2008

oh dear God save me, Ralph is back

Tara asked me a question about one of my Twitter posts, and since I don't know how to reply via Twitter, and the answer really requires a video anyway, here it is:

Ralph is a supremely annoying "musician" who they used to show all the time on Playhouse Disney. He was gone for a while, and now he's back. If I ever saw him on the street, I would punch him in the throat.

Here's one of his old videos:


Mother Hoodwink said...

Oh my.

He looks like a brunette version of Garth from Wayne's World.

He's annoying but bearable. It seems like he would be even more annoying when you're an overtired mom. I have the same raging hatred for Dora the Explorer. We don't even watch Dora in our house, but I hear her stupid song start up when Blue's Clues is over. HATE!

PS To reply on Twitter there should be a little arrow next to someone's post. All it does is make an "@" and then the person's screenname (no spaces). So you could just type it in too.

Dianne said...

Is he a real person? Or a cartoon made to look like a human? ;)

I've hated Barney for years and years and years.

Kerry said...

Oh dear God, Barney is NOT allowed in my house!! I keep on forgetting that he comes on after Sesame Street and I end up diving for the remote.

Kosher Tofu said...

Dude I was totally going to say that he looks like a retarded version of Garth from Wayne's World, darnit Hoodwink! Maybe I can send him some fan mail and ask him to sing "Foxy"