Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thank you, Mr, President

I think that the Economic Stimulus Package (or whatever they call it) is a stupid idea. Anyone with any brains will use the money to pay down their debt, or put it in savings, and then it isn't exactly doing much to stimulate the economy, is it?

Then again, as I have learned by "living amongst the rednecks like Jane Goodall", the American public at large isn't exactly smart.

I don't have any credit card debt. I do, however, have a decade-old set of cookware with chipping non-stick coating. And I do have brains, and a savings account, but I realized something: if we are having our tax money handed back to us for the purpose of stimulating the economy, then the best way to make sure that that money doesn't go to waste (in the larger scheme of things) is to do exactly what we're supposed to do with it: spend it.

And spend it I did; but I spent it wisely. I could have spent pretty much the entire check on a 7-piece set of copper core All Clad; but instead I got a 7-piece set of aluminum-clad Cuisinart cookware, and many other pots and pans and kitchen gadgets besides, which will arrive at my door in no less than six separate shipments.

And I really maximized Amazon's 4-for-3 promotion, too. If you buy four qualifying products, you get the lowest priced one for free. If you buy, say, twelve qualifying products, you get the three lowest priced for free. If, however, you were to take those twelve products and split them into three separate orders (with the four most expensive being one order, the four least expensive being another, and the four in the middle being the third) then you would get the lowest priced item in each order for free. So instead of saving $21.97, for instance, you could save $32.97.

And always make sure you check your "Gold Box" offers. One of my special deals was a pot that I happened to be buying anyway. So that was an extra savings of $2.50. Not a lot of money, but when you're pinching pennies to get as many items for your dream kitchen as you can with a set amount of money (because after all, Brian had to get some of it for his guitar building supplies)...hell, I'll take it.

And then...then...I went to Williams Sonoma and bought my cappuccino maker. And some fancy-schmancy imported Italian espresso. Hot dog! As soon as I get some milk I'll be all set.


Sunshine said...

I'm so jealous. Would love some new cooking stuff.

Since we are doing all the house projects, there's no shortage of things our "stimulus" will go to.

Today, I will drop a wad on landscaping stuff. That will put a good dent in it.

Mother Hoodwink said...

I don't get the whole stimulus thing. I mean the government knows that you can't just print up new money when it starts losing value, right?

We're fixing up our car with it. Our windshield is cracked and just last month our AC died. The rest is going into savings. And part of that savings is there ready to buy a Wii as soon as we come across one.

I'm totally jealous of your new cookware.

Dianne said...

You got your cappucino maker!! I remember when you posted about it. Yay!

I don't even want to respond re. what I think of our President and his economic policies! I'll just remain happy about your new stuff.

That and the amazing pics in the prior post. You look great!