Friday, June 20, 2008

the REAL Next Food Network Star

I've realized that I'm probably not going to be able to donate my hair to Locks of Love like I was planning to. What I forgot to take into consideration was the fact that my hair is layered - I didn't realize how much shorter the layers are. It would be another five or six months before I could cut 10 inches off of the shortest layers, unless I want to look like Lisa Garza...which I don't. (Oh my gosh, no way!) I just don't have the patience to grow my hair out for that length of time. It's hot and I have a grabby baby and my hair is too long and heavy to stay in place when I tie it back. More power to the people who are able to make the hair-growing commitment; maybe I'll do it some time in the future, but right now I'm just not up to the challenge. It's going shoulder-length as soon as I get a chance to be away from Jackson for an hour or so.

Speaking of The Next Food Network Star...I was just watching a rerun of this past week's episode while I was feeding Jackson, and just as Jackie was falling asleep, Brandon came into the room with a couple of pitchers he had taken from the kitchen cabinet that we don't keep locked. "Cook. Mommy, cook." I put Jackie down and set Brandon up with some Gladware, a couple of spatulas and our "for emergencies" mess kit (which we have never used), and he has been "cooking" blueberries in the little pot for the last ten minutes.

"!" A very clear culinary point of view, if you ask me.

ETA: Now he's sitting on the couch, eating blueberries and watching Ace of Cakes. He's taking after his mama, for sure!


Mother Hoodwink said...

So cute!

Dianne said...

He's adorable!

lewister said...

Generally layers are acceptable for donating as long as the longest layer meets the length requirements. So not to worry about the shorter layers getting to that 10" mark.

Kerry said...

Hmm, I thought it was the shortest layer?

Kerry said...

Okay, wow, you're right. Derrrr.