Friday, June 13, 2008


Nothing else to write about right now, so here's more stuff about how cute my kids are.

Just now, I opened the refrigerator for Brandon and he said, "Hmm, let's see..." as he pondered his choices. He saw half a kielbasa wrapped in aluminum foil and exclaimed "pizza!" - I guess because we usually wrap leftover pizza in aluminum foil. Not that half a kielbasa is even remotely similar in shape to a slice of pizza, but...whatever. I unwrapped it partway and showed him. "No, not pizza. Look, hot dog. Do you want this?" "Yes, I do! Hot doh! Pizza! Hot doh!"

The reason why I'm relating this story is actually kind of silly. Brandon apparently associates pizza with cheese (totally understandable), so he calls it "cheese-a". Except that he is unable to make a "ch" sound, so he actually says "tease-a".

One of Brandon's first words was Bible ("bah-boo") - we have a Bible story picture book which has become, by far, his favorite bedtime book. He has been able to point out which man is Jesus since before he was two years old. Pretty good considering that we never bring him to Church, huh?

You may or may not see where I'm going with this. Stick with me.

Brandon can't make a "ch" sound and he can't make a "j" sound, either. Jackie is "tassie" (I honestly can't explain the "s" sound in place of the "k", it possibly has to do with how often I have said "the baby is gassy"), cheese is "tease" and Jesus is "Teesus".

The way Brandon says "Jesus" and the way he says "pizza" sound almost exactly the same.

Vaguely sacrilegious, but it makes me laugh.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Ha. Little kids are so sacrilegious. Gavin calls Cheez-Its, Jesus. "Mmm, Jesus!"

I love "bah-boo." So cute.

Dianne said...

Oh Sweet Pizza! that made me laugh ;)