Friday, July 18, 2008

some lucky kid is going to get a wig of genuine hawaii-grown hair

So it turns out I was wrong and just not paying attention when I read the Locks of Love website - the longest layer has to be at least 10 inches, so I had more than enough hair to donate. So I did it today. The woman who cut my hair actually did it in four separate ponytails so I could keep as much length as I just really have a lot of hair. It's crazy fine, so there's never enough to really do anything with it, but despite its fineness, there's really quite a lot of it, so it always takes forever to cut it, or curl it, or whatever.

Well anyway. It actually came out really nice, especially considering that I got 10 inches cut off and it was a free haircut! (The kiddie place where I get Brandon's hair cut will cut your hair for free if you're donating to Locks of Love.) Even Brian had to admit that it actually looks good - he was concerned that short hair would be, well, a little bit unflattering, considering that I'm carrying about 20 extra pounds at the moment. But it didn't end up as short as I thought it was going to ... sorry, I just lost my train of thought, Jack woke up crying and Brandon had his foot in his bowl of ramen noodles. You can't make this stuff up.

Anyway. My hair looks and feels good.

Me (taking out my camera): "I need before and after pictures. For my blog."
Brian (rolling eyes): "Bloggers."

Not the best pictures ever, but you get the idea.


Mother Hoodwink said...

It looks great! I didn't realize your hair was so long.

Dianne said...

You look wonderful! and your extra pounds appear to be all up in your ta-tas so I wouldn't worry about it. You're gorgeous.

How cool that they cut for free for Locks of Love.

Did Brandon eat his foot flavored noodles?

Kerry said...

Thanks, guys!

I think I took the noodles away after I took his foot out of the bowl, but I can't remember for sure. I do know that he would eat ANYTHING in noodle form (he even knows the difference between noodles - "nooos" - and spaghetti -"geddies"), so if I did let him keep them, I'm sure he ate them all.

Ty'sMommy said...

Yay, you! I donated mine a coulpe of years ago, and its such a great program.