Thursday, August 14, 2008

at least it's only two weeks every two years

What I'm thinking while I watch the Olympics: "Wow, I really should get back in shape. I'm going to start actually exercising. I'll do some yoga every day and some other kind of exercise at least three times a week...I should start going to the gym again. Maybe I should start swimming laps?"

What I'm actually doing: staying up late, sitting on my ass, watching the Olympics. Possibly eating ice cream.


Dianne said...

You and millions of others! :)

Personally the Olympics annoy me. One more story of rising from tragedy and I'm going to put a contract out on Bob Costas.

Kerry said...

Yeah, even I'm getting tired of all of those segments, and I'm the sap who usually cries at all of them.

You know what bothers me, is the commercials for the DVD of the opening ceremony. Yeah, it was a very impressive show...but it also contained a fair amount of Communist propagandist symbolism. Not necessarily something that I'd want to spend my money on.