Friday, August 8, 2008


I can't believe that I haven't gotten around to mentioning this yet, but Brian's orders got changed. We're still going to Japan, but we're going in April instead of December. Those four months actually make a really big difference - I think that moving with a one-year-old will be a lot easier than moving with an eight-month-old would be. For one thing, we won't have to deal with his swing and exersaucer being in transit for two months (which is how long it takes for your stuff to get there) because he won't need them anymore. And he'll be old enough to use a CARES harness on the plane instead of a carseat, which is a pretty big plus if you ask me. (Even if it means that we'll have to spend the money to buy a second one - it is worth it.)

Having Christmas here will be much better than spending it in a hotel in Japan. (Even though we already sold our tree at our garage sale - we will just have to get a real one this year, I guess!)

Of course there are a couple of things about it that are a PITA. For instance, I had originally planned to sign Brandon up for preschool starting this fall. I was going to get him registered around April or May...but then we found out we were transferring in December. I didn't want to start him in school if he wasn't going to be able to continue in the spring, and the preschool on base where we're moving has a September birthday cut-off date. (So he won't be able to start there until next fall.) So I didn't sign him up.

But now that we're not moving until the end of April, Brandon could attend preschool for almost the whole year, and with him in school two days a week, I could go back to teaching music classes. (I can manage it with one child with me, but not with both of them!) But you can guess how possible it was to get him registered for preschool a month before it starts. He's #14 on the waiting list. "A spot might open up for him in December when all of the military families move," the lady told me. Yeah, that really helps me out. Thanks. Stupid Navy, always changing things around on us. Grrr.

But at least I have an extra four months to get ready to move. And another year before we have to get winter clothes for the boys. We'll probably miss the cherry blossoms, though. Bummer.

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Mother Hoodwink said...

That's good that you got an extra four months to work with. I forgot about the cherry blossoms. You're so lucky to be going to Japan. I'm jealous you're moving. I'm so ready to see something new.