Tuesday, August 19, 2008

let me be immature for a minute

When, on Saturday, I saw that there is an Olympic trampolinist (trampoliner?) named Dong Dong, I naturally went right to Google to try to find a picture or something to post as a comment on my husband's Myspace. Because that's the kind of thing he would find hilarious. I mean, after all, he has a Yankees jersey on his Amazon wishlist with the comment, "The word WANG is on this shirt!!!!" So...a bouncing Dong Dong? How could I not let him know about this?

Well, anyway, I googled this guy, and this article came up. The headline is...well, pretty darn hilarious. I have nothing else to say about it. It needs no comment. Just click on the link.


Sunshine said...

And here I thought the link was going to be a Rickroll.

But, the title of the article takes the cake.

Kerry said...

Okay, so, I didn't even know what "Rickroll" meant...holy cow, that is hilarious!! I shall have to do that someday.

Ty'sMommy said...

Thank you, THANK YOU for making me snort Pepsi out of my nose all over my keyboard! :) Ok, apparently I need a moment to be immature, too - that ws hysterical!

Mother Hoodwink said...

Why would you not legally change your name if it's Cockburn? Seriously? Her ancestors totally dropped the ball there. Ha!