Saturday, September 27, 2008

it was easier last time, because I didn't have a preschooler leaving chokable objects all over the floor

A couple of days ago, Jackson figured out how to roll from back to front. He did it once right before bedtime. The next morning, he not only had rolling pretty much mastered, but he was scooting around, too - rarely forward, sometimes backwards, often sideways, and lots of spinning around in circles (which he'd been doing for a while). He's actively going after Brandon's cool toys and books - which he's been eyeing enviously for quite some time now - and naturally, it all goes right in his mouth.

Jack is so enthralled with his new skills, and so intent on getting better, that he has become a real handful. No matter how tired he is, he doesn't want to go to sleep. (He woke up at 5:45AM today and hasn't napped for more than 15 minutes at a time all day.) He gets tired, and frustrated with not being able to move forwards, and he wants to be picked up...but then you pick him up, and he wants to be back on the floor. Then he's tired again. Over and over and over, all day long. If you try to sit him in your lap, he'll lunge forward towards the floor. (He actually did this a few weeks ago at the beach and face-planted into the sand...thank goodness he was wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes!) If you lie him on top of you, he'll roll off. And did I mention that he's refusing to sleep? I can't wait until this newfound mobility is old hat for him, so that I can get a break from following him around and helping him reach toys that he's unintentionally moving farther away from. Oh, and making sure he doesn't chew a corner off of Brandon's books.

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Mother Hoodwink said...

I love your title. I am so here right now too. Why does my son find it fun to empty the contents of his room into the living room every day?