Saturday, September 13, 2008

mice! yipee!

Number of mice we've captured and released: 7
How we've caught them:
In a drawstring bag: 3
With a Gladware bowl and a piece of cardstock: 1
In a backpack: 1
In a pack of diapers: 1
In a toaster: 1
In a snack cup: just barely missed getting 1
In a humane mousetrap: 0
Number of times an eyewitness saw a mouse enter the humane trap, pick up the food, and exit the trap without tripping it: 2
Number of mosquitoes I've killed with my bare hands (inside my house) since the mice scared off the geckos, allowing the insect population to skyrocket: too many to count


Mother Hoodwink said...

Oh, God! In your toaster?!

Why hasn't housing taken care of this yet?

Kerry said...

We haven't told them. When we told them about the ant problem we had last year, the Orkin Man came in and put out some poisonous goo. When I asked him if it was safe for my baby he said, "No, you'd better keep him out of this room." Keeping in mind that our house has an open floor plan so there is literally no way to keep him out of any room. (The stuff was completely ineffective anyway. I ended up taking care of the problem myself, by finding the nest outside the window and dousing it with Raid.)

Also, I really don't need Brandon finding dead (poisoned) mice lying in the middle of the floor. I don't want to find them either, for that matter. We've tried just about every humane method, though, and I'm pretty much at my limit.

Kerry said...

ps, we threw the toaster away.

Dawn's Thoughts said...

My summer rec stuff was infested two years ago. Someone shared that "Bounce" sheets help to keep the mice away. (works with bees too) We used the sheets in all of containers and no mice poop. My only other idea, get a cat. Good luck.

Dianne said...

Oh Man! I had a rat problem years ago when my son was a newborn. Scary and dangerous.

Mice are far more benign and these are field mice I assume, they're much cleaner. I know that's no help though.