Friday, September 26, 2008

more ranting! yay!

I think that if a product is prominently featured in your circular, it would be a good idea to have it in stock when the sale begins. Making your customers wait 2 months for it to be shipped...not good form at all. I'm talking to you, AAFES. Making me jump through hoops to cancel my order is not making me happy, either. I kind of NEED that new carseat, like, NOW - my baby is fast approaching the weight limit for his baby bucket, if he hasn't already surpassed it - and I'm not going to buy it anywhere else until my order with you is cancelled. So just "get with me"* already so I can go ahead and give my business to somebody who has their shit together.

*When you submit a support request through the website, the message that comes up is that somebody with "get with you within 72 hours". Snicker snicker.

ETA: Well, thank you for cancelling my order, but you know, an email confirmation would have been nice. I shouldn't have to log on and check my order status to know that my order was, in fact, cancelled. Sheesh.

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