Tuesday, October 7, 2008

if you're one of the people who does this...SHAME ON YOU!

This is a comment that I submitted to the DeCA (Defense Commissary Agency) website today:

"I would like to suggest that a limit be placed on how many units of a single item one customer can purchase at one time. I can completely understand the temptation to buy up the store's entire stock of certain items, especially when they are priced at a fraction of their cost at civilian stores - however, I tend to be of the mind that "we're all in this together", and I know that I'm not the only person who wants or needs these items. So I buy only what I need for the next week or two.

It is EXTREMELY frustrating, therefore, when I do my weekly shopping and find that an item I regularly buy has been completely cleared out (often in the wake of a price cut). This happens with at least one product every single week. This week it was FIVE different products.* And once an item is out of stock, it is often weeks or even MONTHS before the item is back on the shelves. For instance: vanilla extract was gone for a month, and lemon juice has been gone for about two months now. The brand of peanut butter I like to buy was completely missing from the shelf today, and the last time that happened, it was almost three months before it came back.

Like I said, I can understand the temptation to stock up on items that are hard to find and/or expensive elsewhere...but it seems to me that in order to serve your patrons better, an attempt should be made to ensure that there is enough for everyone. Some of us can't afford to buy 20 jars of peanut butter or 30 bottles of lemon juice all at once, just to make sure that we will have some available to us when we need it.

So once again, I suggest that a limit be placed on the number of units of a single item that one person can buy at one time. Nothing too restrictive, obviously, but I think that perhaps one person coming through the checkout with 15 bottles of vanilla extract or 20 tubes of toddler toothpaste should raise some red flags."

* Toddler toothpaste, lemon juice, chocolate peanut butter, coconut oil, and Steaz Green Tea Soda in every flavor but key lime (which is nasty). According to their websites, the peanut butter and soda aren't actually sold ANYWHERE in Hawaii - except for the Commissary.

ETA: Actually it was seven things...I forgot about the two kinds of yogurt I like to get: YoPlus Cherry and DanActive strawberry/pomegranate-berry. Why on earth people buy up all of something PERISHABLE is completely beyond my comprehension. I know it isn't just that those flavors sell "faster" because the other flavors are *completely* stocked, so it's pretty obvious that one or two people came in and bought ALL of the one particular variety.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Oh man I hate this! I'll write something too. Power in numbers, right? Two is a power number, isn't it?

And why does it take so freaking long to restock certain items. Like normal everyday items?

I just had a thought. Maybe the whole time they aren't stocked, they're actually sitting in the back somewhere all wrapped up in those shipping pallets. They finally decide to stock them and that's why there are so many expired things. Eh, probably not.

I love the commissary for the cheapness but man do they not care about their customers at all.

Kerry said...

You know what, that theory actually makes sense...

They really don't care, do they? You should see the letter I dropped off at the management office today. Basically, last week I waited at the register for at least ten minutes because the person in front of me was trying to pay with a check, and the check-reading machine wasn't working...so I asked if I should move to a different register...and the manager actually bitched me out! Can you believe that shit? Oy.

Mother Hoodwink said...


I sent my comment in and mentioned all the expired items I come across. I wrote a lot more than I thought I would. Oh, and thanks for pointing out that there actually is a commissary agency. I had no idea.