Tuesday, October 28, 2008

this started out about one thing, and kind of evolved in a spiral of bitterness...

This sign reads, "Navy Reserve - Now Hiring - Sign On Bonus Available, Money for School, ADVANCED TRAINING, Military Access, etc."

Wait...Military Access?? What exactly do they mean by this, and why are they using it as an incentive to sign up for the Reserve?

I'll tell you what it means: it means access to the Exchange for you and your extended family. (Because once you sign them in at the door, you know that your [civilian] buddies at the register won't check to make sure that they have a military ID, like they're supposed to.) It means using the Commissary as if it were a big-box discount warehouse, rather than a supermarket, so that those of us who use it as intended can't buy the things we need.

People shouldn't abuse military benefits in this way. But they do. When I saw this sign (in August) I was dumbfounded, because nobody would join up just for the "Military Access", would they? But I'm really starting to wonder. There's an attitude bubbling just under the surface, that that the military doesn't belong here, that we don't deserve the things we have. Why should we have it so good when the locals have so little? Many people seem to feel that they're entitled to use our facilities (like sneaking into housing and using the basketball courts, for instance - AKA trespassing on government property) simply because they happen to live nearby. (BTW, when you call the [civilian] security service about this, they straight up hang up on you!) As if the sacrifices that military families make mean nothing, that we should not be entitled to live in a safe, secure, comfortable neighborhood, free of obscene graffiti; as if all of the individual families who make up the collective "Military bitchs" (sic) are here because we each individually chose to live here specifically. As if I one day woke up in my bed in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, and decided, "you know what, I think I'd like to move to Hawaii and oppress the locals."

Don't get me wrong, I love Hawaii. I love living here. But I did not *choose* to live here, and throwing a shopping bag of fish guts out your car window and leaving it to decay in the middle of the street is not a particularly mature way to deal with your displeasure with my being here.

Neither is buying up all of the cherry yogurt.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Holy shit this pisses me off. When Josh is on ASF he rides along with civilian rent a cops. After what he's witnessed I would feel much safer with another military member protecting our base. I would think they care more about protecting the base on which they live on than some rent a cop who just wants to take a nap in his patrol car. Another reason I want this war to end. I want real military security protecting our bases.

Could you maybe contact the person in charge of security? Or send a letter to the Admiral of the base? Or at least threaten to contact the Admiral to the head security person?

If they think the military doesn't deserve the "perks" we get, then why don't they join and get all the great perks without the hassle? Although, they may find the long cruises and you know, WAR a bit of a buzz kill and hardly worth all the perks.

What's this about the fish guts?

Kerry said...

Every once in a while, somebody throws a bag of something nasty into the middle of the major road that runs through housing. It stays there sometimes for a couple of weeks, decomposing and stinking like holy hell until it gets cleaned up.