Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So I got a response from DeCA. Something to the effect that they can't impose limits, but they SHOULD be doing a better job to keep the shelves stocked, and if something sells that fast, it should be ordered more often. And if I were ever to actually witness somebody abusing the Commissary privilege, I should contact Base Police!!! ( would that go? "Somebody is trying to buy all of the Green Tea root beer! Bring backup!")

The funny thing is, they also forwarded my suggestion to the director of my specific Commissary. So when you consider that I also dropped off a complaint letter at the office yesterday (see the comments from my last post) - yeah, um, I guess I'm THAT guy. The one who has nothing better to do than write complaint letters. And yes, my full name was on both of them. And one of the baggers was giving me a funny look while I was dropping the letter through the slot in the office door. ("I know who wrote that letter about you! It was that crazy lady with the giant baby in the front-carrier!)

Maybe I'll shop at the Marine Base for a while.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Base police?! To be honest they probably have nothing else better to do. Unless you have women with fat birth defects stirring up trouble too.

I haven't got a reply back. I'll keep you posted.

Dawn's Thoughts said...

I hope that what you did helps. It is not fair to those that are not able to get what they need. Good for you for speaking up.

Mother Hoodwink said...

I got my response! My store's director wrote me back. She CCed to a bunch of people. I'm kind of embarrassed. I don't really remember what I wrote. Oh well, here's the letter she wrote back:


I certainly apologize for unpleasant experience you had while shopping your commissary and thanks for your concern, I am monitoring the contracting stockers, vendor stockers, and the commissary employees stocking procedures throughout the day so that we can provide product to all of our customers from opening to closing on a daily basis. I am also embarrassed that you had to find out dated dairy product on our shelves, I am ensuring that vendor stockers are providing first in first out stocking habits and ensuring they are watching the dates of the items they are stocking to the shelves more closely. If you should encounter these types of incidents again while shopping your commissary please bring it to me or any of my management staffs attention and we will fix it on the spot and take the appropriate actions on that vendor stocker. If you would like to speak to me directly please give me a call at the number below and once again I apologize for you shopping experience at your commissary.


Patricia Sykes

Store Director

Memphis NSA,TN

Kerry said...

I've gotten nothing from my store director, on either complaint. I'm starting to hate them.