Friday, November 7, 2008

this is my last politcal post for a long time, I promise. I'm getting weary of it all.

If you look at the demographics from the exit polls, voting on California's Prop 8 was almost equally split in every racial group except one - black people. 70% of blacks voted in favor of amending the state constitution in order to take away gays' right to marry.

I already wondered, in my twitter feed, whether this election marked a turning point, wherein one minority group passed the torch to another as the "most oppressed" in America. David Allen Grier did a sketch about this on Chocolate News last night, but he stopped just short of being really meaningful by leaving out the group who the torch actually was passed to - gays. And in a truly ironic twist of fate, it was was African Americans who handed the torch over with their own hands.


Mother Hoodwink said...

I know that the black (I hate the term "African American" as it is highly inaccurate for many black Americans.) people that did vote for Prop 8 did so because of their strong religious beliefs.

The highest demographic with HIV/AIDS in America are black women. Not because they're more irresponsible, but because a lot of their black husbands are secretly gay and are on the "down low."

The men can't confess to their families that they're gay because they will be harshly judged. The ignorance is just perpetuated because they don't have a personal connection with anyone that is out and proud.

Nevermind all that, I don't think any amendments should be able to pass if the race was that tight. Then you have half of your citizens irate. From what I've read, they're still counting absentee ballots because Prop 8 passed with by only half a million votes. There are 1.6 mail in ballots that have not been counted. Counties are giving a deadline of December 2 to count them. So there is still hope that it didn't pass.

Kerry said...

I really hope so, too. I think the whole thing is asinine. It's like if you're playing a game with your friends and you break the rules, and they call you on it, so you say okay, I'll just change the rules. You can't do that. They did an episode of Clifford the Big Red Dog about that, as a matter or fact.

And taking away gay people's rights is going to make them go away? Regardless of the motivation, it just seems so ironic to me. It's like freshman hazing: you despise it when you're a freshman, and you rail against it, and you fight it, but once you're a senior, there you are giving wedgies.