Saturday, November 8, 2008

three things Brandon has said in the past two days

  1. Reading a book called "Who Lives in the Pond", I told him that the plants in the picture are called "cattails". After saying "cat-tail" several times, he pointed at the tadpole (which he usually pronounces "ta-poo") and said, "cat poo".
  2. Pointing to a picture of a child playing crash cymbals, "cymbals, crap." (He meant to say "crash".)
  3. Lying in bed with him at bedtime, he looks at my nose. "Boogies!"
    Me: "Oh, thank you for pointing that out."
    Brandon: "More boogies! ... Really really big boogies!"
You wait and wait for them to be able to talk, and when they's totally worth the wait, let me tell you.

ETA: Jackson is standing in the crib, chewing on the railing while I change Brandon's diaper.
Brandon: "Eat crap!"
Me: "What??"
Brandon: "Eat crap!"
Me: "Ohhhh, eat crib? The baby is eating the crib?"
Brandon: "Yeah!!!"

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