Friday, November 7, 2008

truly, hell is other people

It has been brought to my attention that I may be going to hell because I voted for the Antichrist. Well now. I'm sorry to disappoint the people who believe this, but I was already going to hell.
  • I have gay friends.
  • I use birth control.
  • I lived with my husband for six months before we were married
  • I gossip sometimes.
  • I have been rude and disrespectful to my parents.
  • I say "Jesus Christ!" waaaaaaay more often than I should.
  • I spent two and a half years going to yoga class instead of Church on Sunday mornings. Not only that, but there was a shrine to Ganesh in the corner of the room and we actually chanted at the beginning of class. And I want to start going again! Somebody save me from myself!
  • I read The DaVinci Code, and saw the movie, too.
  • I believe that Jesus had knowledge of Eastern religions, if it is 100% true that he actually said 100% of the things that The Bible says he did.
  • I do not believe that Jesus actually said 100% of the things that The Bible says he did.
  • The worst offense of all, I am Catholic. *gasp* At least I can go to confession and wipe my slate clean, right?
And of course, I voted for the Antichrist.

Can I just ask, honestly, in a spirit of really wanting to understand this, why so many people think that Barack Obama is the antichrist? It seems really, well, racist to me. If it were a white man who was so popular, who had so many people behind him, who was respected and admired the world over - he would be called a great man. But because it's a black man, he must be the antichrist? Hey, your bigotry is showing.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Yeah, I think I already bought my ticket on the train to hell long before Obama entered the scene.

Isn't it in Revelations about a man from the Middle East who will seem like a great and noble man who will change the world only for him to turn into the Antichrist once he has the support he needs? Or did Nostradamus say that? Not going to lie, it's been a long time since I've cracked open a Bible. And a book about Nostradamus.

She kept saying Obama's father was a radical Muslim too. Which is absolutely false. He was a Muslim but by the time he met Obama's mother, who appreciated all religions but didn't belong to one, he was an agnostic. Obama did go to a Muslim school for one year followed by two years at a Catholic school. It took me five minutes to find out that information. You would think these people would use Google every now and then.

She also kept saying he was working with the terrorists. Doesn't she think that our CIA would stop someone from becoming our president if he was a terrorist? F*cking moron!

Kerry said...

Yeah, don't you just love how some people seem to think that "domestic terrorist" and "radical Muslim terrorist" are the same thing? Even if he WAS BFF with a guy who was a radical hippie in the 60's (which he's not) - how does that make him in league with islamic terrorists? Somebody missed the logic train.

Dianne said...

Keep in mind that when Bill Ayers was blowing up buildings we had a very evil president, Nixon, and an even more evil Attorney General, John Mitchell. The only people who got killed were his fiance and a good friend of his. Some people believed that blowing up buildings was the only way to get the attention of the government which was carrying on the useless Vietnam War. I'm surprised we haven't had more such "terrorism" to protest the Iraq war. - Mom