Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The LavenderLily Christmas Spectacular!

With music by the Pacific Fleet Rock Band.

Hey, guess what? I'm married to the guitar player! Aren't you jealous?

They rocked so hard, they blew out the power!
(This was the second take of this song - the first time, the power was out for the whole thing. It was really a shame, because it was the best solo I've ever heard Brian play, ever. This one is pretty kickass, though, too!)

Sticker art by Brandon:

(I love how the angel is the only one who's actually on the ground, but my favorite is the sideways sheep.)

And for dessert: kabocha pie! (For the record, it tastes very similar to pumpkin, but has the texture of sweet potato.)

Don't forget the Christmas cookies:

(Yay for food-coloring magic markers!)

And of course, the Christmas Palm Tree, and flip-flop stockings:

(I bought the stockings and wrote the Hawaiian spellings of our names on them. Palaina=Brian, Keli=Kerry, Palanakonu=Brandon, Kaakakona=Jackson)

Merry Christmas, everybody!!


Mother Hoodwink said...

Ha, I love the Nativity scene! It's like what it would be like if Jesus had been born in space.

I keep forgetting about those food coloring markers. I need to get some.

The stockings are really cool, too!

Dianne said...

this is the coolest Christmas post ever!

cookies and art and hot men in uniform singing Christmas songs

it has it all!

Merry Christmas sweet girl - and hugs to the whole family