Sunday, December 14, 2008

maybe the Christmas Spirit is getting the better of me...

I haven't been shy about complaining about the "new and improved" Shutterfly. I've written emails to customer service to complain about problems I've had with the Share 2.0 site, and I am consistently annoyed with the new interface for editing/organizing/sharing photos. Really the only reason why I didn't just abandon ship was that I have thousands upon thousands of my pictures on their server already and it would take FOREVER to move it all somewhere else.

But I have to say, I've been having some good experiences with them over the past couple of days. First of all, the "photobook storyboard tool" has made my life so much easier I can't even fully express it in words. Putting together a book of pictures from the past year takes FOREVER - I spend hours and hours sifting through the thousands of pictures I've taken. The storyboard tool made it a LOT quicker to put the photos into categories and further narrow down which ones I wanted to use, and which ones were redundant. It didn't always choose the best layouts, but I don't mind doing that myself. For me, the benefit is really just that it cuts the time spent placing photos on pages to a tiny fraction of what it once was. Brilliant.

The other thing that I really appreciated was the way in which they apply their discount codes. Right now there's a code for free shipping on orders over $50. Well, I spent well over $50, but my order was split among three different shipping addresses. Most sites (which shall remain nameless) would declare the discount code invalid for this particular order, seeing as how there wasn't at least $50 of merchandise being shipped to any one address...but Shutterfly actually made sense and shipped for free to *one* of the addresses and charged me shipping for the other two. It makes so much sense, it took me a minute to wrap my brain around what was going on.

And with that...I am officially done shopping. (Unofficially, though, I have couple more things to buy...)

Next up, Christmas candies! I am using (and tempering) real chocolate this year (as opposed to using the stuff that's designed to be fail-proof)...wish me luck...


Dianne said...

you're making photo books as gifts? that's so cool :)

Mother Hoodwink said...

At first I HATED the new Shutterfly. The more I use it the more I like the new layout. It was so frustrating at first since they put in those hidden drop down menus. I would stare at the screen for what seemed like hours trying to figure out how to do the simplest things.

The thing I love about Shutterfly discount codes is that there is always a couple you can choose from at all times.

Oooh, I can't wait to read about how you make candies!

Kerry said...

Dianne, yeah, I did it a couple of years ago for the grandparents, and they all basically told us that we'd be disowned if we didn't do it every year. ;)

Tara, it just takes so long for everything to load, it's crazy buggy, and there are things that I just can't figure out how to do. It's like they tried to make it more feature-rich and "user friendly", but it was so much easier to use when it was simple!