Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Now I can stop baking cakes every other day. Honestly, we're all getting tired of cake. Even Brandon stopped eating it. (He does still eat the frosting off of it, though. Naturally.)

I found a cake recipe that works. (Moist, but not so moist that it falls apart when you frost it.) I found a fondant recipe that works. It was a little dry, and it did crack a little bit, but that was because I worked in too much sugar, and I knew that. That is easily fixable when I make the next batch.

I did this cake in all white because I just can't be bothered with mixing the colors anymore. This was just about making sure the cake didn't fall apart and the fondant held its shape. Check and check. I practiced a couple of piping techniques for Jackson's birthday cake, too. Honest opinions:

Does this look like clouds/skywriting?

And does this look like coral?

Yes, I am planning a cake that incorporates both coral and skywriting. And yes, it will make perfect sense once you see the finished cake.

(PS, that zigzag border looks horrible because I used the Wilton "ready-to-use" decorator icing without thinning it out first. Waaaay too stiff.)


Dianne said...

Yes, it does look like skywriting and coral. Love, Mom

k^squared said...

I can see it.

Mother Hoodwink said...

I completely missed this post somehow.

That coral is amazing! I like the skywriting too.

I can't wait to see this cake!