Sunday, February 8, 2009

bullets: the last refuge of the lazy blogger

I don't know why I haven't really been blogging lately...actually, yes I do. I've been sick, and then I started reading Harry Potter and got slightly obsessive about it. Still, I could have easily sat down and written a blog entry if I'd had anything to write about. And I don't. So I guess we're doing bullet points today?
  • I bought the Harry Potter paperback box-set, because I hate reading hardback books. The set has books 1-6; 7 isn't out in paperback yet, it won't be until July. First of all, a two year delay? Really? Is that normal? It seems unnecessary. Secondly, I devoured the first 6 books a LOT more quickly than I was expecting to (less than 2 weeks), and I don't want to wait until July to finish, but I don't want to buy the hardback version. The obvious solution, of course, is to take it out of the Library, but guess what? (If you've been following my tweets you already know this.) According to the online catalog, they don't have it. In any public library in the whole state of Hawaii. Not in English, anyway. They have Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Spanish. But not English. W. T. F?????????
  • I was supposed to be taking the Wilton Fondant & Gumpaste course this month. The first class was supposed to be last Sunday. I went to the store on Friday (2 days before the first class) to find out what time the class was being held, since when I signed up at the end of November, it hadn't been solidified yet. And I was told that it had been canceled. The teacher was supposed to have called and told me. She hadn't, obviously. I didn't think to find out how long ago it had been canceled, because I was too surprised and angry and disappointed. I'd been looking forward to this for two months! (And I clearly need help with fondant.) And now I may never get to take it, because I doubt very much whether anybody in Japan offers Wilton courses. Even more upsetting for me was that the course wasn't actually canceled, just postponed until March, which means that they won't be offering Wilton II in March - and that was the one I was REALLY looking forward to taking. So rather than letting my enrollment roll over to next month, I got my money back and bought a bunch of coursebooks and supplies to learn on my own. Sure, I won't have the certificates that say I completed the courses, but whatever. Course I teaches you pretty much everything you'd need to know to get a job anyway. And how could I sit in a class for four weeks, being taught by someone who I am so frickin' angry with for not calling to tell me the class was canceled? Um, no. It was hard enough last time, when I was just annoyed that she was squeezing four weeks worth of classes into 3 weeks and we were only doing 1 cake instead of the 3 you're supposed to do.
  • Look at the number of days in the countdown in my left sidebar, and subtract 6 days from that, and that's how long we have until we move out of our house. I'm just this side of freaking the f*** out. Granted: we don't have to pack up ourselves. But we have to sort out what we're having shipped there, what we're packing in our luggage, what we're having put in storage, and what we're getting rid of. And I have to take pictures of everything and do a full inventory. It's a habit we got into when we lived in New Orleans, where it felt like at any moment, your frickin' roof could cave in and you'd lose all of your belongings in a flood. We moved before it actually happened, but if we had still been there, we would have been well prepared. I haven't done a full inventory since the last time we moved, though, so I have several days left of walking through the house with a camera and a laptop.
  • For those six intervening days, we will be staying at the Hale Koa in Waikiki. Brian will have a not-so-fun commute for that week, but the boys and I will be hanging out at the beach and eating french fries by the most beautiful hotel pool I've ever had the pleasure of swimming in. We're bringing our old microwave with us to the hotel (since we are DEFINITELY not bringing it with us when we move!) so I'll be using my per diem not on meals from cafes or fast food restaurants, but on ice cream from Lappert's (next door in the Hilton Hawaiian Village). Muahahahaha. That is how I'm exacting my revenge on the Navy for causing us to lose thousands of dollars on the brand new car we bought just months before finding out we have to move someplace where we can't bring it with us: I'm spending my meal money on ice cream. Diabolical.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Maybe you've explained this already but why can't you take your car with you?

Yeah, I don't think I could sit in that Wilton class either with a teacher that was so inconsiderate.

Kerry said...

It costs an insane amount of money to have a car that was made for the American market upgraded to Japanese emissions standards. We've realized that it would actually cost less than we're going to lose on it, but our paperwork is all done now and it's too late to change it.