Thursday, March 5, 2009


Wow wow, everyone! My joy is so complete that I can't think of a better way to express it than by quoting "Wow Wow Wubbzy!" Yeeeeeeeeee-baaaaaaaa!!!!!

Target's "Official Grand Opening" isn't until Sunday, but I saw on a local news station's website that it was actually opening to the public today. So we walked over to check it out and see if it was true. It was. And it was glorious.

I found hardly any of the things on my list of things to look for, but I did find a bunch of stuff that wasn't on my list - naturally. I mean, this is Target we're talking about, right? It just wasn't possible to really look carefully down every aisle, because it was opening day and it was INSANE in there. Plus I was pushing a double stroller and the Target shopping carts are crazy wide, so it wasn't possible to even WALK down every aisle. I skipped the electronics section, I skimmed over the ladies clothing, I skipped the shoe aisles (I need rainboots and shoes for a wedding this summer), and I left the grocery section completely unexplored. Gotta have something to look forward to next time, right? But they had big bouncy balls for 99 cents (only got one because we walked with the stroller - Brandon had to clutch it in his lap the whole way home, and it was WINDY, too!) and I had almost forgotten how cool the beach toy section was - good basic stuff for cheap - and I got Jackson a pair of soft-soled leather shoes because he is just NOT a Crocs baby like Brandon was - he's always taking his Crocs off and trying to eat them. He seems to really love his new froggy shoes, though! (I wanted to get the ones that looked like sneakers, but they didn't have them in his size. Boo.) I almost bought a set of jersey sheets for $19.99, until I remembered that we're not bringing our bed with us to Japan, owing to the fact that we have no idea what size of bed is going to fit in our new place. It's a shame, $19.99 for a Queen size sheet set is phenomenal.

It was just way too crazy in there to really walk around slowly and appreciate everything - I was barely able to see anything in the home or office sections, which were always my favorite, but we got a nice overview of the place, and Brandon concurred that "I love Target store!"

I considered getting lunch at the cafe, but the line was just too long. Brandon campaigned for some coffee from the Starbucks, but I decided against it. We walked a block to the convenience store that has one of only two Blimpies I've ever seen in Hawaii, where I proceeded to demonstrate that I lack the skills to hold a tray with one hand while I push a stroller a foot and a half with the other. I do, however, posess sufficient skills to prevent the lidless cup of root beer from spilling on my child's head or even on the sandwich next to it on the tray. The floor, though...yeah, that was pretty bad.

So now I'm home, with sore feet and crampy legs, and it was SO WORTH IT. I had briefly considered driving, but I'm so glad I just toughed it out and made the long journey on foot, because DAMN, the parking situation was insane. The lot was full and there were cops directing traffic, was just not worth it. Totally worth it to walk!!!!

What's that you say? You'd like to see pictures? Always happy to oblige.

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Mother Hoodwink said...

I didn't scroll down before I started reading and thought to myself, "She better have posted pictures!" Ha. I can hear your giddiness in your text.