Tuesday, April 7, 2009

blah blah moving blah blah party

  • I am boring lately. I am sorry.
  • We made it through the first major deadline: bulk trash pickup day. There's essentially a furniture store in my front yard. Somebody came by and took the dressers, nightstands and bookcase last night (the night before bulk trash pickup is prime time for trash picking!), and somebody took the grill and half of the cube dresser a little while ago, but the rest of it is still out there. The couch has been replaced in our living room by two beach chairs, and the bedroom looks like a tornado hit it - clothes everywhere, since there's nowhere to put them away - but it feels good to have gotten it all out on the lawn in time. Funny story, the power went out last night and we carried some the larger pieces down the stairs by candlelight before it came back on. Good one, God.
  • Jack's party is on Saturday and I feel woefully underprepared for it. I haven't even found cups yet. Cups, people! Kind of important. Oy.
  • Invited 45 people. Have heard from 21, one way or another. I can't really blame the people who haven't responded, because knowledge about how to respond to invitations is almost entirely absent from our culture; but there's a big difference between hamburgers and chicken sandwiches for 18 and hamburgers and chicken sandwiches for 41: the difference between making some food, and making more than twice as much food. So in the interest of educating the public: "Regrets Only" means that if they don't hear from you, they'll assume you're coming. "RSVP", however, stands for "Respondez, S'il Vous Plait", which is French for "Please Respond". In other words: one way or the other, they want to hear from you. If you're coming, tell them. If you're not coming, tell them. If you receive an invitation that says "RSVP" on it, you are obligated to respond. Some people only respond if they're coming; some people only respond if they're not - so if you don't respond, there's no way for the person who invited you to know what you mean by it. Can we do a "The More You Know" commercial about this or something? Society starts to break down when we aren't all operating under the same rules. I'm not angry, really. Just exasperated and confused as to how much food to buy.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Ugh! I hate the ignorance of the art of RSVP-ing.

I say buy enough for those that were polite enough to RSVP and anyone else that comes, just tell them that you weren't expecting them so no food for them. But of course you're too nice for that. I would love to do it at one of my parties though. Especially if they don't bring a gift. Not that we're greedy. But don't come to my party without letting me know you're coming, eat the food AND not bring a gift. Come on people!

Kerry said...

I have seriously considered doing that. Because if I have enough food for everyone I invited, and then only the people who RSVP'd show up, then I have 20 people's worth of food left over. I, personally, don't even eat hamburgers, so how the f*** is Brian going to eat 20 hamburgers before they go bad?
Have people really showed up to your parties after not RSVPing, WITHOUT A GIFT? Holy rudeness, Batman!

Mother Hoodwink said...

There was a rude ass person at our last duty station. There was another incident where didn't have his daughter for Christmas so he was all alone. We invited him over for dinner on Christmas Eve for him to just be in his normal shitty mood, rush the board game he wanted to play and not say thank you once. I could have kicked him in the face. Oh and that was the year our best friend since high school came out to spend Christmas with us. And I was seven months pregnant so my patience with his rudeness was at an all time low.

Anyway, yeah I was thinking that too. About having so much food left over. Especially for a family that is moving shortly after the party. I would make enough for the RSVP guests and enough for half of them to have seconds. That way if more people do show up, there's enough for them and if they don't, people can take stuff home if they want.