Wednesday, April 15, 2009

here's something random

I ordered this:

And this:

Because I can't just get my free iPhone and then leave it black - I had to get SOMETHING to make it a little different. (And to keep it from getting scratched up, because let's face it, this is ME.) And I can't just use plain white earphones with it, or - God forbid - the pink w/flowers headphones (goes with my iPod cover) or lavender "marshmallow" earphones (matches my Shuffle) that I already have. I had to get earphones that COORDINATE. Because honestly, what's the point otherwise?

LOL. I'm ridiculous. But seriously, half of the things I see in clothing stores that I really like, I pick up and realize, I can't pull this off anymore. I'm too old for this, I'm somebody's mom, I'm not 22 anymore. But brightly colored Apple electronics and matching earphones? I can rock that, without looking too ridiculous.

(My pink custom headphones and teal custom earphones are both from Check them out, the options are almost mind-boggling; you can even get FUR now, no kidding. I'm also a huge fan of the "Tadpole" iPod cover for kids - Brandon has an orange one and I just ordered a red one for Jackson; not because he has an iPod, but because he loves to chew on Brandon's, and I'd rather he chew on his own empty one than ruin an iPod! ETA: And I'm sure he'll be watching Blues Clues on MY iPod for the entire flight to Japan.)

Well. I'm weeks behind on the all-of-our-stuff inventory, so I should get on that while Brandon is in quiet time...


Mother Hoodwink said...

Oooh, pretty!

k^squared said...

I run into that same problem all the time "I'm too old to wear this". But it doesn't matter what I wear, suit or t-shirt &jeans, I still look young. I had a parent meeting and the mom would not shake my hand bc I looked young. I told her "I have a great plastic surgeon." So rock out what you like!