Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Apple Pie Cake

I will tell you about this cake. I will show you pictures of the process. But I will not post a recipe. I'm saving it for the cookbook I may someday write, decades in the future. It's that good. I don't want somebody out there in internet land stealing my recipe and winning their county fair with it. Really, it's that good.

Brian's command had a Hail & Farewell today, and as usual, I wanted to bake something. Being that it's July, I thought that an apple pie would be appropriate. The problem is, I suck at making pies. I particularly stink at crusts. But I'm good at cake. So I thought...why not a pie cake? Like, a layer cake, with a crustless pie for the filling? It was worth a shot, right?

Here's the apple pie layer, ready to go in the oven.

I put the layer of parchment paper into the springform to make sure it wouldn't stick. Probably not the best idea I've ever had, because the liquid leaked out the bottom of the pan. Maybe that would have happened regardless, but now I have a lovely mess at the bottom of my oven to clean up. Anyway.

Here's one of the cake layers, spread with cinnamon buttercream and ready for assembly.

And here's the pie layer, out of the oven and out of the pan. It didn't immediately fall apart, which was encouraging. I have the hardest time getting my apple pies to set properly...actually I don't think I've ever made a properly set apple pie! So I aimed for making this one extra gelatinous, mostly to avoid it squishing out the sides of the cake or causing the layers to slide apart. So like I said, it's out of the pan and not falling apart.

But is it a semi-solid, gelatinous mass?

Yep, yes it certainly is. In the future I'll try to cover the apples with more of the liquid so that the layer is smooth on both sides. Kind of like an apple pie jello mold, I guess.

Here's the pie layer, turned upside down onto the bottom cake layer.

There was cinnamon buttercream between each cake layer and the pie layer. Doesn't this look just yummy???

And here's the finished product, iced with whipped cream and decorated with blue whipped cream and more cinnamon buttercream.

I haven't been doing any decorating since the move, so what little skill I had has slipped somewhat. I was never much good at figure piping anyway, so the apples are...questionable. Whipped cream is hard to decorate with, hence the funky borders.

The taste profile was a little off, given that there are only two kinds of apples available at the Commissary, and they're both sweet. (Orin and Fuji.) Apple pies really need tart apples. I compensated somewhat with lime juice but it really would have been better with Granny Smiths and/or Galas.

At any rate, the cake was a hit. I got a lot of compliments and a lead on a birthday cake "job" next month. ("Job" in quotes because it's for a friend, I don't count that as "work", I consider it just being a good friend.)

I'm just happy that another one of my wacky ideas worked out exactly as planned. Wow, maybe this really is my calling. ???


k^squared said...

I <3 apple pie. I bet it is yummy.

You may be onto something here... what about cherry pie cake? pumpkin pie cake? coconut custard pie cake? key lime pie cake? I'll let you borrow my new kitchen.

What time will you be in?

Kerry said...

Every time I eat pumpkin cheesecake (cheesecake is technically a custard pie), I think, "this would be the best cake filling EVER".
We're getting in at 9:25pm...tomorrow? The 8th. It's already the 8th here, and it'll still be the 8th when we get there in like 30 hours. Weird.

Mother Hoodwink said...

OMG That looks SOOOO good! I'll buy your cookbook.