Friday, July 17, 2009

blossiming branches tunic top

Today is my BIL's rehearsal dinner. I bought this top to wear a long time ago. I ordered it from The $15 Store, an Amazon Marketplace vendor.

(I wanted it in this indigo color, but they didn't have it in my size, so I got it in dark gray.) I loved it the moment I pulled it out of the envelope, except for one thing: the rhinestones. Those hideous rhinestones. Like an inch long and PLASTIC. I mean, obviously plastic. You could see from across the room how cheap they were. I was really glad I'd only paid $15 for it.

The rhinestones had to go.

But without them, it just didn't look dressy enough. It was casual. And casual just wouldn't do for an event of this magnitude. (No sarcasm, I mean that quite sincerely.)

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, but I couldn't find all of the beads I needed at the Ben Franklin near my house - and the Mapunapuna location is the one with the big bead section! Crystals, semi-precious stones...but no bugle beads? WTF? I decided to check out Bead It when we went to the Kailua Town Festival. But then, it turned out, the festival was two days after our other words, we were still cleaning the house. I am still really, really upset that I didn't get to go to the festival. Among other things, I was going to buy lots of "I Heart Kailua" merchandise. But the pertinent information right now is that I never got to make my "one last trip" to Bead It.

I ended up ordering from my old standby, Harlequin Beads. I ordered 4 different colors of bugle beads because I didn't know which one would best match the top, and I wanted the beads to be the same color as the top. (The "black diamond" Swarovskis that I had managed to find at Ben Franklin were an eerily accurate match.)

I did eventually find a bead shop (called "Parts Club") here in Yokosuka, on the...7th floor?...of More's City (behind the Yokosuka-Chuo train station). They have a truly fantastic selection of crystals. I mean, holy crap. But anyway.

This is what I eventually came up with:

It sparkles quite nicely. :) Maybe a little more spring-y than summer-y, but I think it's a nice nod to the fact that I live in Japan now. (Even though we missed the cherry blossoms this year!)

And the earrings I made to match:

Also on display tonight: the tie I made for Brandon out of the pocket square that came with Brian's tie.

I think it's hilarious that I am the only one out of the four of us that isn't wearing teal. Seeing as how it's my favorite color (it's the color of the water in Hawaii) and I wear it 98% of the time.


Kerpickle said...

The shirt came out beautiful! You are so talented!!! The earrings are awesome and your son's tie is adorable!!! We coordinate our outfits too usually... I love it!

Mother Hoodwink said...

KER-RY! That shirt is gorgeous!! The earrings, the tie, all beautiful. You amaze me.