Saturday, August 8, 2009

I had a teal car when my favorite color was purple, so now that teal is my favorite color...

So, despite the fact that we don't really need a car, we decided that we wanted one. We checked out the lemon lot (ahem, I mean, "MWR Used Car Lot") a couple of days ago and didn't see anything that really jumped out at us. I had decided a while ago that if we were going to get a car, then ideally, I wanted a Toyota Raum. Of all of the colors I'd seen it in (most of the ones around base are silver), I wanted a purple one, because we wanted our Japanese car to be as bright as possible.

I was thinking as I walked to the post office yesterday morning and saw the silver one that's always parked next to the Chapel, "I wish there was a purple one on the lemon lot".

We went to the food court for dinner, and as we walked past the Commissary on the way home, we were talking and forgot to turn down the parking lot aisle that leads to the sidewalk. So we decided to just keep walking and take another look at the lemon lot.

And wouldn't you know - a purple Raum. 11 years old, some dents and scratches - which I actually prefer, because I know it's going to get some more from me - for less than used Raums usually go for. So we bought it.

Note the nifty sliding doors. ;D

(This car here is exactly the same car, except we paid a bit more than this. And that one has a CD player - mine has a tape deck! Woohoooo!!)

I like that it's a car you can only get in Japan, I like that it's small and easy to park (well, it will be once I get used to driving from the other side of the vehicle), I like that it has sliding doors (really, I'll never go back to regular doors! I can't! I won't!) and I like that I can easily fit a stroller in the back. Or shipping boxes picked up from the post office. Or purchases from Home's or Ikea or...wherever.

Not that I'm going to be driving to Ikea anytime soon. I went there with a friend a while back and there are so many highways and toll made my head spin. Japanese roads scare the bejeezus out of me. It's going to be a little while before I attempt driving off base. But I can now, and that's the important thing. It feels like a whole new world, like the base is, well, my base, my jumping-off-point - not my whole world.

And my car is purple. Purple! Woot!


EmilySullins said...

Hey, my house is REALLY easy to get to from base. Although it's still a wreck because of the plumbing problems, and will probably stay that way until the packout...maybe we can meet for sushi in my neighborhood?!

Kerry said...

Yes! Let's!
And you've seen my apartment, you know I won't be bothered by a messy house. ;)