Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm really on a roll now!

More about cake decorating - yippee! I'm sure this is just fascinating for all of you, but there isn't much else going on with me right now. :D

I was having trouble with roses. The base was just wobbling back and forth and not staying put on the flower nail...lots of trouble. I remembered that they tended to come out better for me if I used the canned Wilton decorator frosting, so I went out and bought some...and the petals were, indeed, coming out smoother, but the base was still not staying put for me to put the petals on it! So, once again, I turned to the Wilton forums. And the answer was so ridiculously simple: use Hershey's Kisses. Apparently there are plenty of professionals who use this trick.

For me, using Hershey's Kisses a few times allowed me to focus on my technique in doing the petals, and I realized that I'd been doing it ALL WRONG all along - I was doing too much of an in-and-out motion and not nearly enough up-and-down.

But the best part, is that using the Hershey's Kisses showed me what I was doing wrong in making the bases - I was making them too skinny, so of course they were flopping over! Now I know to make them wider and more kiss-shaped, and they're working perfectly for me now.

So if you're having trouble with your Wilton roses, my advice is: Hershey's kisses. They're not, for me at least, a permanent solution...but they're an amazingly simple learning tool. Amazing.

The first 2 have kisses as bases. The 3rd is the first decent... on Twitpic
The two in front are built on Hershey's kisses, the one in back is all icing.

Aaaand... A "Victorian Rose"! on Twitpic
And here's a Victorian Rose, which has curved petals because it uses a different tip - the technique is exactly the same.

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