Thursday, August 6, 2009

I've gone too long without a rant

I've spent much of today reviewing Wilton Course 1. I bought all of the books and supplies for all four courses months ago, but never got around to actually doing them. I took a Course 1 class back in November. The teacher was...subpar. We only had 3 classes instead of 4, we only did one cake, and they charged twice as much as most people on the mainland pay for a Wilton course.

So anyway. I've been reviewing. I haven't lost as much of it as I thought I had, so that's good. I've been working hard on my shells and they've improved, and I think I may have finally gotten the hang of swirled drop flowers. (Can't do them directly onto a cake, though, as I have to anchor the tip pretty hard into the surface I'm working on. Guess they'll be strictly a pipe-it-onto-parchment-and-let-it-dry thing for me.)

Then I moved on to leaves. The Course 1 student kit comes with leaf tip #67. On the first day of class, though, the teacher told us all to buy leaf tip #352 and use that one instead, because "leaves come out nicer" with that tip. I'm not sure I agree; they're flat leaves, without the center vein like tip #67 has - like most leaf tips have. But the thing is, it's really hard to bring a leaf to a point with tip #67. It's impossible not to with tip #352. It's a cheater tip.

So, yeah, that means that rather than teaching us how to do it properly, she told us all to buy the tip that would do it for us. Never mind that the necessary technique to properly make a leaf with tip #67 would allow us to use all of the other dozens of leaf tips out there - as long as we had nice pointed leaves on our final (and only) cakes, we'd all be satisfied that we'd learned something. Because we were all beginners and didn't know any better.

I'm starting to suspect that she didn't know how to make a leaf properly. So she couldn't teach us.

So now that I'm trying to teach myself, and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, it would be really nice to have someone who knows what they're doing looking over my shoulder and saying things like, "This is what you're doing wrong..." and "Here's a hint..." - I mean, isn't that what I paid $40 for back in November? Well, that was money well spent.

Other than that, it's actually going quite well.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Hopefully, I'll be signing up for classes soon. I'll take notes about the leaf and give them to you. Your flowers are pretty.

Dianne said...

I burned from the box corn muffins this morning

just sayin'

Kerry said...

LOL, I love you, Dianne.

Nadia Sam Cyrus said...

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