Friday, September 25, 2009

doing his best to drive me insane, since 2005

Brandon has been talking about his birthday party for months. MONTHS. His Monster Truck party. His Gravedigger cake. For months. We've been collecting Monster Jam party supplies bit by bit as we see them. I sketched out a Gravedigger cake...actually, no, I planned out a Gravedigger cake, in great detail, on graph paper. I bought the supplies to make a raised platform for the cake (3" high, half the height of the wheels). Because yes, it was going to be a 3-D cake. My first attempt at carving. I was excited.

I spent a chunk of yesterday designing the invitations. I decided to incorporate some of the other things he likes is obsessed with, and had Gravedigger jumping over the Mach 5 (live-action movie version) and the Batmobile (original 60's version). With flames in the background - green flames. I even found a font that not only has flames, it has the same kind of flames that are on Gravedigger's hood. He liked it at first. He liked it a lot. As soon as he saw it, he ran and grabbed his Gravedigger, Mach 5 and Batmobile toys and reenacted the scene. "Look, Mommy! Gravedigger is jumping over Speed Racer and the Bat-no-meel!"

Then all of a sudden, last night around bedtime, he changed his mind. "No Monster Jam. Batman party!" And the Gravedigger cake? Nope. Batmobile. And the invitation? Nope. He didn't want Gravedigger jumping over the Batmobile and the Mach 5. He wanted Gravedigger hiding behind the Batmobile.

W.T.F. ????

I managed to get him to agree to the original invitation by photoshopping a picture of him into it so it looks like he's driving Gravedigger. Which was always part of the plan anyway. (The picture he chose makes it look like he's leaning out the window, with his arm up in the air...holding a slice of pepperoni. Which is actually a fairly subtle way of working in another one of his favorite things.)

But the cake...that's still in negotiations. As is the general theme. At least with all three vehicles on the invitation, we'll have some more time to hash it out. Two months to go. (And yes, I do have to do this all two months in advance, if I have to order stuff on the internet, it's going to take some time to get here!)


Dianne said...

if you showed him stuff on the PC and told him how you had to buy it NOW!! and then there can't be any changes

would he get it?

what am I saying!! this is what happens when you forget those days

I once had a restaurant full of people, everything had been planned and paid for weeks ahead, my son knew it was happening, his friends were coming, the cake was in the restaurants fridge

and what does he do?

that morning he asks if the day can be changed because it was basketball playoffs

yes, he lived to 13 but just barely

Kerry said...

Oh no he DIDN'T!! I would totally lose it if my kid tried to pull that on me!

I think we may have reached an accord (for now): Brandon falling off of Gravedigger. Because "that's funny!!!" So I'll have to make a little Brandon out of fondant or gumpaste to put on top of the cake. I'm not really a fan of making gumpaste figurines, but it sure beats making an extra (Batmobile) cake; at least I can do it in advance.

Of course he now wants me to change the invitation so that it matches the cake. I don't think I have any pictures of him falling off of something...

Dianne said...

"I don't think I have any pictures of him falling off of something..."

Make him jump, as slow as he can, off the bed or sofa onto pillows and try and catch the falling moment

I just did this for a neighbor
her grand daughter was torturing her for a school project