Thursday, September 3, 2009

tiny fondant doughnuts

Yesterday I came up with a method for making 1/2" iced donuts out of fondant. I need them for a cake I'm making next week. I came up with this method through the immensely complicated process of thinking, "hey, I wonder if that would work". It's really quite simple.

First you make a little ball out of chocolate fondant, and squash it down a little.

(Sorry for the iffy lighting, I was doing this after the kids were asleep.)

Then you roll out a small piece of white or pink fondant and use the large opening of tip #5 to cut out a circle.

You put the circle on top of the flattened ball.

Now you press the small end of tip #5 into the middle, making a rounded hole.


You could probably pipe sprinkles onto it with various colors of royal icing and tip #1. And I would probably do that if the doughnuts were the only thing I was making. But I'm not looking to put THAT much effort into it. ;D

Other things I'm making out of fondant for this cake include gingerbread men, "wrapped" candies, chili peppers, flowers, butterflies, shamrocks, hearts, stars and a big rainbow ribbon. And a baby wrapped in a pink blanket. Can you guess what the theme is?

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EmilySullins said...

No I can't guess, but I'm incredibly sad to be missing it!