Monday, October 12, 2009

Republican-baiting...because it's just so EASY!!!

I've been thinking about what it would look like if I were to make a pie chart of how my waking hours are spent. A huge chunk would be "trying to put Jack to sleep." Another would be "being patient while Brandon stutters", and a third would be "checking Facebook for news from Brian." Also making appearances would be "Tweeting about things that annoy me" and "humming Elmo songs under my breath". A small sliver, tiny yet still definitely visible, would be "arguing with Republicans on Facebook." It happens about once a month - when my (self-diagnosed, as-yet-unconfirmed) PMDD is acting up. Because my main symptom is a complete lack of patience - and if I fly off the handle when my kid gets water all over the bathroom counter, then you can be SURE that I won't stand for people saying stupid shit about...well, anything.

Here's an example from the other day. Names have been omitted to protect the ridiculously ignorant.


VF: You Republican assholes miss the point, as usual. Of course Obama deserves the Nobel Prize. He's a beacon of hope after all the horrors of Bush.

Sat at 8:36am

stupid hippie
Sat at 8:47am

Kerry KN (me)
You know, whether he deserves it or not...whether you agree with him or not...he's still THE PRESIDENT. Remember when saying something bad about the President meant that you were "un-American" and "on the side of the terrorists"?? How much you wanna bet it's the same people who said that 4 years ago, who are disrespecting the President now?
Sat at 8:52am

hes a democrat hes dumb and hes a hippie and doesnt care for everyone hes a selfish bastard
Sat at 8:53am

Kerry KN (me)
What an intelligent response!
Sat at 8:54am

yea because your response was a work of genious
i honestly think i have become a lot dumber having read that bull shit ignorant paragraph
Sat at 8:55am

yeah FUCK PEACE AND PROSPERITY.Iraq & Afghanistan foreva
Sat at 9:00am

OUCH... I'm gonna go hunker down and watch me some Fox News here in the bible belt after that post, Uncle V!
Sat at 9:03am

F, who is this kerry
Sat at 9:06am

yikes! u are arguing about a Peace Prize....genious indeed!
Sat at 9:09am

Kerry KN (me)
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. All I said was that the President, by virtue of BEING THE PRESIDENT, should command a certain amount of respect. Why, exactly, does that offend everyone so much?
Sat at 9:10am

because democrats ruin the country
Sat at 9:13am

V - the only problem I have is that Obama hasn't had the chance to DO much yet. This award seems mostly based on promises! When Jimmy Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, he had decades of actions to back up his words. I hope Obama can come through with even a fraction of his promises, but I think the award may have been a bit premature.
Sat at 10:12am

I'm with ya Kerry. Everyone doesn't have to jump down her throat, jeez.
Sat at 10:19am

... wow, some typical repub comments above. ignorance is bliss (if you're a repub, that is). at any rate, idiots don't decide who gets the nobel prize (after all, they got to run the country for the past 8 years) - no one deserves it more than obama.
Sat at 11:47am

Who is KP and does his keyboard not have a "shift" key or punctuation marks? The democrats aren't ruining anything. The country was already ruined and the democrats are trying to FIX it. If you think you can do better go run for office or something but don't be so effing rude on facebook.
Sat at 11:48am

chaney palin 12'
Sat at 11:55am

... might be helpful to your audience if you learned how to spell cheney correctly.
Sat at 12:03pm

Well, maybe that's how his parents spell it.. because that seems to be his only source of political opinions. Oh, how I miss Cold Spring Harbor. Go read a book.
Sat at 12:17pm

heyheyhey my own personal views im a proud repub palin would have been the sickest vp in history
Sat at 12:22pm

... 'sick' being the operative word.
Sat at 12:31pm


It was nice to have some other people jump in and get into the nitty gritty of it; I removed myself from the conversation after a certain point, as a matter of principle. I think that once you've shown the person to be an ignorant jackass who can't even formulate a cogent though...well, it's best to just let their ignorance hang in the air.

Notice, also, how I never expressed a political opinion, AT ALL. For all these people know, I could *gasp* be a Republican myself. All I said was that the President deserves a certain level of respect. Because even if you don't like him or agree with him, he's still the President.

When I asked why my statement offended them so much, they could easily have mentioned the fact that I implied that they were hypocrites, and dumb ones at that. Did they? No. "Because democrats ruin the country". That's why suggesting that they show some respect for THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA offends them. Because he's a Democrat.

They made my point for me. They didn't take offense to my having called them stupid hypocrites - because it's true.


Dianne said...

Are all of these people your Facebook "friends" ?

Kerry said...

No! If they had been, they wouldn't be anymore. Just the original poster and the first AD (the one with a reasonable argument).

Mother Hoodwink said...

You should submit this to Man, I love that site. Also, sorry you had to deal with such assiness. I feel if you don't even have enough respect to type correctly, they why should someone listen to what you have to say? So ridiculous.

Dianne said...

I adore you!

Kerry said...

Dianne, thank you. :) That means a lot.