Sunday, November 1, 2009


In case you've ever wondered what pseudostrabismus looks like, here ya go:

See how it looks like his left eye is turning in towards his nose? But look at where the light is reflected in both eyes: it is exactly the same. Basically the bridge of his nose is somewhat flat, and wide, and some of the whites of his eyes are covered up. He looks like his eyes are crossed, but they're not.

This was the conclusion I came to after seeing the opthamologist. She wasn't ready to rule out intermittent strabismus, though. It's hard to tell with a child so young, because he can't really participate fully in the tests. He can look into a machine, but he's not going to be able to tell you what he sees. Plus, if his eyes only cross some of the time, then if they don't cross while he's at the doctor's office, then she won't see it, right? So we're going back again in 3 months to be evaluated again.

In the meanwhile, though, I've been paying very close attention to Jack's eyes and looking at lots of pictures. Most of the pictures where he looks cross-eyed, either the light reflections are symmetrical, or the picture is too blurry to be able to tell. (Or only half of his face is lit, so there IS no light reflection in the crossed eye!) So my conclusion was...inconclusive, but I was pretty sure that his eyes are normal.

Then I took this picture.

It's still hard to tell, because if the light reflection *is* symmetrical, half of it is hidden. But his eye does definitely look more crossed than usual in this one. It might very well be a symmetrical light reflection. I really can't tell. But this picture went into the "bring it to the doctor" file, for sure.

ETA: There's also this one.

The cross is a lot more subtle, but the light reflections definitely look asymmetrical to me. See how in his right eye (on the left of the picture) the point of light is towards his pupil, but in his left eye, it's towards the white of his eye? (Click on the picture to see the super-zoomed version I've been studying all evening.) I think this is the most convincingly crossed picture I've seen so far. It's just so tough to be sure, because he obviously does have the wide nose bridge, the first picture I posted proves that. But he might also have an eye that actually crosses a little from time to time. *Sigh* I just hope they have the capability to provide Vision Therapy here. Because if they don't, and he needs it? Oh, you'd better believe I'm demanding to be sent somewhere that does.


Dianne said...

it amazes me how quickly you become researched and informed on any subject that helps your children

you're quite an amazing Mom

and a very strong woman

Dawn's Thoughts said...

Let me see what I can find out at school tomorrow. Many of our little ones have had corrective glasses. I'll ask our preschool teachers and get back to ya. In the meantime don't stare at him as you'll make your mind see things not there and you will probably scare him. Just play.