Saturday, February 6, 2010

is this how we're teaching our boys to dress?

These are the "Dressy Styles" for Easter this year at Children's Place. Really? Distressed jeans? I'm slightly baffled as to why they sell distressed jeans for children in the first place...but to promote them as part of the "Dressy Styles" line? Really? I mean, I've put my kids in jeans for portraits, but that was in the full knowledge that this was a casual outfit. And they were new jeans, completely intact.

Do we really need to pre-distress children's clothes now? Are they that lazy nowadays that they don't even fall down and rip their jeans on their own anymore?


Dianne said...

actually I don't really like any of those outfits ;)
but the boy does look silly/sillier

I loved your photos down below - especially all the gulls taking off!! that's remarkable

enjoy the camera, you have a great eye

thanks for stopping by for Mia, I appreciate it

Mother Hoodwink said...

I got that flyer in the mail last week and you know, I didn't even notice the jeans. I only ever look at the boys' tops. I get kids' pants cheaper at Target. I also get fixated on the dresses. Before I had a daughter I always thought she would wear a dress every day. Uh, yeah, she doesn't. I still like to look at them though. Also, HATE gladiator style shoes. Even more so on innocent children feet.

I like your point about how kids are lazy now and need to buy already distressed jeans. If there is one parenting promise I keep, it will be that my kids will never be video game/TV zombies. Even if it means I keep having to buy them new pants because they keep getting theirs ripped up while playing.

Mother Hoodwink said...

Oh and I will never allow them to be obsessed with their phone and texting. We're already planning on getting them phones that only call 911 and a few preselected numbers. No texting and no calling their friends. If they want a real phone, they need to get a job. Josh and I pretty much plan on being hated by our kids during their teen years.

k^squared said...

To be honest, it's a whole hell of a lot better than the outfits we see at school. Even though we have a dress code, I see booties everywhere (boys & girls)! In addition, their dress down days which are aka "Dress to Impress" days look like they just got out of the club.

I agree that formal outfits should include no jeans & no sneakers. We just need to convince others as well. I fear it will be a struggle.